According to history: chpt. five.

– You are not difficult.

– I mean, much better than in Paris.

– It’s exotic, but if you have an appetite …

– Lafcadio, such statements are not put us.

Julius wanted to take a stern, succeeds a grimace, then said:

– You see me very restless. I’m at a crossroads in my life. My head is on fire and feel throughout the body a kind of vertigo, as if I was going to evaporate. For three days I was in Rome, called a congress of sociology, I run from one surprise. Arrival finishes me … I do not know more.

He strode along, he stopped at the table, grabbed the bottle, poured a flood of her handkerchief smell, applied the compress on his forehead, left it there.

– My young friend … I can just call you and … I think I like my new book! How, even than excessive, of which you speak, in Paris, the _L’Air Cimes_, let me assume that this one will not remain indifferent.

Sketched his feet a kind of caper, the handkerchief fell to the ground; Lafcadio hastened to pick it up and while he was bent, he felt the hand of Julius gently land on his shoulder just as did the old hand just-Agenor. Lafcadio smiled as he rose.

– That so little time that I know you said Julius, but tonight I do not hold me to speak to you as a …

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