According to history: chpt. two.

The foolish vanity seems to be a restless passion to shine through the smallest things, or look in the most frivolous subjects name and distinction. And a vain man, he is a meal, always affects to sit close to the one who invited. He dedicated to Apollo’s hair a son who is born, and when he reached the age of puberty, he drives himself to Delphi, cuts his hair, and deposits them in the temple as a monument of a solemn vow he has done. He loves to be followed by a Moor. If he makes a payment, it affects whether in a brand new currency, and does that come from being struck. After he has sacrificed an ox before some altar, he is reserving the skin of the forehead of the animal, he decorated with ribbons and flowers, and attaches it to the place of his house most exposed to the for those who pass, lest any of the people knows that he sacrificed an ox. Another time, returning from a ride it has made with other citizens, he returns home by a servant all his crew, and keeps a rich robe which he is dressed, and he drags the rest of the day in the public square. If he dies a little dog, he buried him stands an epitaph with these words: He was bred in Malta. He devotes a ring to Aesculapius, to use that strength to hang wreaths. He perfume every day. He filled with great pomp at all times of his office, and leaving office, he is accountable to the people ostentatiously sacrifices he made, as the number and quality of the victims he has sacrificed. So, wearing a white robe, and crowned with flowers, it appears in the assembly of the people: “We can, he says, sure, O Athenians, that during the time of our government we have sacrificed to Cybele, and we have made him honors such as the merit of the mother of the gods: so all hope happy things of that goddess. “Having thus spoken, he withdrew to his house, where it’s a long story to his wife how everything has succeeded beyond even his wishes.

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