Me as a Greek Demigod fighting a lot of monsters.

Okay, so we’re dropping down, and we’re dropping down fast. Too fast actually. Helps that I’m son of Hades and I have skeleton escorts with modified AK-47s shooting celestial bronze bullets. Good thing we’re only facing metal spiders. Hephaestus must hate us. Hey, that rhymed!

            “Kaulus! We’re running low on ammo! The next chest is in two klicks!” The captain of the escort yells.

            “Hang on, get out your melee weapons! Save them for later when we need plenty of bullets!” I yell back while making a arachnid into an insect.

            “Copy that!”

            It’s the anniversary of Hercules’s sixteenth birthday. I still don’t know how they record all that stuff down. Anyways, we have to find twelve chests and open them all, restock everything and collect the golden laurel. And on the way the twelve Olympians and Hades, except for your godly parent which in my case, was Hades, have set up traps along the way for your chest. And I know for a fact that Hephaestus still has a grudge for me for blowtorching one of his forges.

            “Incoming!” a skeleton yells, “Three iron bulls coming this way!”

            Oh boy. More trouble. And Hephaestus definitely has that grudge.

            After about twenty minutes, we managed to dismantle everything. Bad thing was that I lost four more skeletons, down to six. We rush to the treasure chest, grab everything we can, reload and get out of there. That was the fifth chest. Five down, seven to go. The next ran in somewhat the same order. Ares, Aphrodite (boy, that was easy, just a maze of beauty mirrors. What do skeletons need those for?), Poseidon, Zeus (He had to have some trouble to fit that thunderstorm in there…), Hestia, and Demeter.

            “Yes! We have the final laurel!” I cry.

            “Quick hero, we must still return to the camp!” my captain (last skeleton standing).

            So then quickly using our network of tunnels, we begin our trip back. With only the captain watching my back we braved giants, mechanical androids, boars and a lot more. So we hacked and hacked and hacked until my underground senses took over telling me, “Fifty meters from Camp Half-Blood tunnel entrance!”. Then I took a huge chunk of rock and flung it at all in my way and charged up. My captain was being chewed up by a mechanical dog/wolf.

            Disappointedly I saw a congregation around Robin, Athena’s wisest and most athletic son. There goes that Hercules’s treasure chest hunt reward. Now I have to wait for next year.

Liked it
  • Sparks on May 22, 2009

    Great imagination!

  • Kaulus7 on May 24, 2009

    Thanks! I’ll look at your pages as well.

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