The International Film Festival of Toronto opened on September 06. It is an important gathering, where you see all the important artists well dressed up by designers for the event of the year. Yes, the title international is very expensive to earn.

The media can be broadcast, radio or paper or even blogging with the internet. There are important television channels like CNN, ABC in the States, CTV, CBC in Canada or even Radio Canada Internationa. The other major television channel is BBC. So, you know how well there are doing when they are quoted in the news, because of the popularity of their news presenters.

Now, we all have our heads turned on the important event gathering in Toronto, Ontario, the commercial city of Canada. The event is the International Film Festival of Toronto, which opens for two weeks starting on September 06. It is also a date, which is well chosen, because it is the start of the schoool year and the children can view the film with their parents.

The media is a good source of education. That is why it has to receive a budget, to incorporate educational materials. During film festivals there are movies from all over the world. Therefore, the populations in Canada can learn how to be tolerate by watching movies. When you hear, see and view pictures of a country, you can want to be like the models who are shown. The actors also spread a message, which is for us to keep or communicate to others who might be interested.

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