The summart for "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury.

All Summer in a Day Summary


1.      Title: “All Summer in a Day”


2.      Author: Ray Bradbury


3.      Setting: Underground tunnel and ground level Venus, some time in the future


4.      Character: Protagonist is Margot

            Antagonist is William

            Supporting Characters are the other kids in class and then teacher

5.      Plot:

      Introduction – Margot and other kids in class was studying about the sun whole day long, and scientists have predicted that the sun will come out today since seven years ago.

      Initiating Incidents – Margot is the only one born on Earth, all of the other kids were born on Venus. Margot is the only one that remembers what the sun looks like. William and the other kids in class treated Margot badly because of her differentiation.

      Rising Actions – No one except Margot remembers what the sun is like. William and his gang bullied Margot, they pretended the sun is not going to come out today.

      Climax – William and his friends locked Margot in the closet before the teacher comes.

      Falling Action – The rain stopped, and everyone (except Margot) went out on the ground to enjoy their brief sunlight.

      Resolution – After the sun went out and the rain started again, they have realized about Margot, and they were extremely shameful when they let Margot out.


6.  Conflicts: (Person vs. Environment) – Margot doesn’t like the weather on Venus, she became sad and quiet after she came to Venus.

            (Person vs. Person) – Margot was being isolated in the class, everyone especially William disliked her because she is different.


7.  Theme: In the story, Maggot was being discriminated by all of the other kids in class. In our society, people isolate someone else just because he or she is different than the others, and our society dislikes people that can put up a different view or opinion. No one wants to be different than the others. Everyone wants to follow the same set of code. In “All Summer in a Day”, the small community on Venus is another blueprint of the society on Earth. It shows how sickening and selfish our current society is.


8.        Quotation: “Will it be seven more years?”

             “Yes, Seven.”


             “Margot.” One of the girls said, “Well…?”

             No one moved.


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