A view of pious people who were in my life.

One of the worst things in life is to realize that you were totally wrong about something or someone. When it comes to the something it happens and you can dismiss it as nothing of great importance. When it is someone that you were wrong about that is something entirely different. I had the occasion where I trusted someone totally. She was the one person I thought would never lie to me. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I found out I was wrong. Not only was I surprised, but I felt betrayed. For at that very moment I had to question everything she every told me, and her actions. You see if it was just one lie, OK everyone lies at least once, this person lied for 3-4 years. I was led to believe that she was of extreme moral character I was led to believe she was against the very idea so much so that she put other people who were close to me down when they lied. What makes it worse is that where she works they require her and others to be honest to a fault, what a joke. I have sat here for months and pondered this and I have been mad and upset. I have questioned every moment of our relationship. What I have come up with is simple, she and her family and friends are hypocrites, and these are the pious people who are involved in our everyday lives. They are educators, scout leaders, Sunday school teachers, nurses, doctors, and even government workers. These individuals, who entangle themselves in our everyday life and that of our children and family, have to be exposed for what they are and what they represent. We as a society are faced with so many things in day to day lives that we do not need the added stress of these hypocrites in our lives. Why just to add to the daily stress we already endure? There is always part of me that wishes that in my situation that the one I was involved with would at least see this and at least would be honest with me. The problem is with her and most of her kind they are never wrong in their minds and most of them are or like to be victims. “Oh poor me”, this or that, never accepting personal responsibility for their actions, never once being the cause of the problem. Be careful with the people you let into your life, always be weary of those who claim to be on such a high stool that they claim to be much more than they really are. It reminds me of that old saying that I will leave you with,” All that glitters, isn’t gold”.

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  • Trey Allen on Sep 30, 2012

    Nice article and thanks for share

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