Reality sometimes is harder to believe than fiction.

The reporter stumbled on her high heels as she approached the two sweaty friends. She held the microphone up to her mouth and confidently asked, “What were your first thoughts after learning that the mummies are out of their graves and demanding equal opportunity laws?”

One man sighed shaking his head, “We can hardly find any jobs. How am I supposed to compete with mummies too?!”

His friend nudged him in the ribs. “I support them. They were here, in Egypt, first. They are our great grand parents after all.”

The reporter nodded and then asked, “Some people expect the mummies to handle the dinosaur attack situation in Upper Egypt. What do you think?”  

The pessimistic one lied again pretending to understand, “They can’t. They can’t. Their bones snap like a twig. My brother was shaking a mummy’s hand once, and the hand came off. They can’t handle dinosaurs.”

“I think they can tame the dinosaurs. They used to live around them ten thousand years ago after all,” the optimistic friend answered.

“On another note; as you know scientists have recently discovered that the week consists of nine days, instead of seven. How did this discovery affect your life?”

“I was shocked. Now I will get paid the same amount monthly, but work eight more days.”

The other guy smiled, “But we’ll get a longer summer vacation.”

“I have one last question before ending the show; what was your first reaction after learning that the Egyptian government decided to stop being corrupt?”

“You don’t expect me to believe that, do you?” The two Egyptians responded in one voice.

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