This is an adult fairytale with a little sprinkle of blood.

It happened long, long, long ago. Jae, actually it happened last Thursday, but that doesn’t matter. It started on the yearly showering day of Little Red Riding Hood. The day before the Big Bad Wolf (you all know him) bought a photo camera. So he thought what will i take a picture of. So he thought very deeply  and then he remembered that is was Little Red Riding Hood showering day. So he made a lot of pictures while Little Red Riding Hood was showering.

The next day Little Red Riding Hood went to the baker and on the way every man had giggled  when she walked by. When she finally at the baker were the bakery man asked for an autograph for a magazine she didn´t seen what for magazine. When see wanted to put down her autograph, she sees her self showering. Little Red Riding Hood is now mad she pulled on the shirt of the bakery man and asked very madly:”Where does this photo come from?” The bakery man said:”How does I need to know that, the Playboy published it.” “The playboy, ha.”

Little Red Riding Hood went home to get her necessary stuff for her talking with the big man of the playboy. When she came by the Playboy fairyland main building. She wasn’t allowed to go in so she kicked some butt. When she was inside the building she thought that the most imported man of the Playboy must be on the highest floor so she walked to the elevator stepped in and she she saw that there was a button with a playboy bunny on it. So Little Red Riding Hood pressed that button and whoosh did the elevator. When the elevator stopped, she stepped out and she saw the big men of the playboy sitting in a big chair. It was silent for 2 seconds when Little Red Riding Hood asked who had made the pictures. The big men wouldn’t say something. Little Red Riding Hood liked to let the big men she her big, beautiful, shining, clean sword. When the men saw the sword they said that the Wolf made the pictures. After that she said good by and went home

I think to know what you thinking but Little Red Riding Hood didn’t kill the wolf, she humiliate him. Do you want how? She had taken a furry playboy bunny and put it in the wolfs his ass and she glued it down on his ass. the glue was only for the case that the bunny felt out his ass. She made a picture of it and put it on the Internet. because every one knows that the playbloy is temporarily and internet is for ever.

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