Mandy is very excited about presenting her individual project and the group projects.

When Mandy arrived at the institution, she went into the room with the wooden floor and the black closets. She put her stuff next to the closets. Mrs. Parker then said, “Mandy, don’t bother Nissa! She has enough to worry about!” Mandy wished that her mother would stop making it sound as if she did nothing but bother Nissa.

It was at this moment that Nissa walked into the room. Already students and their parents were following her and asking her questions, such as, “What time is it? Are they running late? Does my hair look okay? Do you have any tissues? I forgot my earrings.” Nissa of course, answered everything. She walked through the room, through the crowds of people, and said, “It’s five thirty. They didn’t even start yet. You’re hair looks fine. I have some tissues in my purse. That last one is a statement, not a question.” The student said, “But I forgot my earrings!” Nissa said, “Well then, borrow someone else’s earrings. Someone must have extra earrings.” 

Nissa then took a piece of paper out of Mrs. Waverly’s desk, and walked out of the room. During this time, all of the students were getting ready to present their projects. Since Mandy would be presenting her individual project first, she took out those papers first. She wasn’t really too worried about it because she was used to presenting things.

Finally, Nissa returned to the room. Since it was time for Mandy to present, Nissa took her over to the emergency exit door, since this door leads to the room with the wooden floor and gray stairs. As Mandy was walking over there, Mrs. Scarlotta looked on in disgust. She said, “Mandy is doing an individual project?” Nissa said, “Yes. She has only reviewed it a few times, but I know that she will do fine.” And she did.

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