Nissa does not want to tell Mrs. Waverly the truth about the students failing their projects.

As much as Nissa did not want to be there, she felt that this day at the institution was not going to be as challenging as some of the others. She would still have to file papers, help with the younger children, clean the study area, answer questions, and teach her own classes, but at least she did not have to deal with the students that had been at the presentation. She tried to be as optimistic as she could, for she knew that would soon end.

As she walked into the building, she saw Mrs. Waverly in the hallway. Nissa was intimidated by Mrs. Waverly. She always felt as if Mrs. Waverly was going to reprimand her about something. It wasn’t just Nissa. Most people felt this way.

Mrs. Waverly said, “Nissa, how were the presentations? How did the students do?” Nissa said, “Oh, they did well. It went great.” Mrs. Waverly said, “That is what I like to hear.” Of course though, once Mrs. Waverly had the grading sheets, she would not feel this way at all.

Nissa then walked into the office to begin filing the papers. There always seemed to be so much that needed to be sorted out. As she was doing this, she came across a copy of the grading sheets for her classes. She opened them up, and to her disappointment, all of her students had failed.

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