A short essay I wrote about Pizarro and Atahualpa.

Sundance Stadtler 

Perspectives essay

The conquistadors came from Spain to find gold and wealth, but they never thought that they would find a whole civilization that nobody knew about. None the less think that they would be the ones to completely destroy it.  The Incas had over 80 thousand men and Pizarro only had 200, So how is it that this group of 200 men were able to destroy hundreds of years of building by the Incas. To fully understand this event we need to have view points from both sides, from Atahualpa’s point of view and from Pizarro’s view. 

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Starting with Atahualpa, he had just finished fighting a harsh civil war and won. On his way back home he stopped by in the town of Cajamarca, witch is still in existence today, on a kind of vacation. He was having a nice time till Pizarro and his men showed up. But after they did show up he saw this as a opportunity. After fighting in a civil war and winning there will still be some people that dislike you. He saw this as a opportunity to convince those others that still hated him, to love him and worship him as their king. If he could defeat gods, then everyone would for sure love him. When Pizarro showed up on a horse Atahualpa must have been a little confused, he had never seen one of these animals before. Also for someone to be riding a animal, that was unheard of where he came from. The only animal they had was the llama. Also he must have thought it strange to wear metal helmets. First off because he had also never seen metal before, and it probably looked like a bowl. So these strange people come in on unknown animals, wearing strange clothing, and bowls on their heads. What would you think  if that happened? They thought these people were gods. What would people think now, is it a alien invasion? This confrontation between Atahualpa and Pizarro could have gone alot worse for Pizarro if Atahualpa had been smart and had his soldiers carry their weapons. But no he made them come unarmed cause he thought that he could scare the “gods” off without weapons. But that was a terrible mistake. 

Pizarro s

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eems to always be put as the bad guy, i think that he might have been a little cruel and greedy but he was just doing what he was sent here to do, explore. Pizarro mission was to explore and to convert and help the natives. But when he tried to convert Atahualpa, Atahualpa did not know how to read so he just threw the bible back at him. And that is when Pizarro decided to attack, he massacred almost the entire army. But he kept Atahualpa as a prisoner so he could use him to control his people. Also he held Atahualpa so he could show him where the gold was. But after he had enough gold and he had basically killed all of the Incas Pizarro killed Atahualpa. 

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