A storybook, baby character created by an artist has warm Purpose and Mission which may ease sibling rivalry. The character is presented in a baby’s first gift, a plush doll that double as decorative wall hanging for the baby’s nursery, room.

Have you ever had a need to create something because you can’t find anything like it in stores anywhere? It happened to artist, Ray Gatica, from Humble, Texas, who created the “The Official Baby Watcher (OBW)”, an artistic, children’s character, born out of his imagination and a need for a meaningful baby gift for a friend’s newborn baby.

“I wanted to give the baby a special, meaningful gift, something significant, and with a purpose. I thought the greatest thing I could a give a child would be their very own personal guardian to watch over them, forever,” says Gatica. From this thought, The O.B.W. concept and character were born. Now through the storybook, and plush dolls that double as decorative wall hangings for the baby’s room anyone can share this caring thought with their young family members. The dolls are available in assorted face and hair color combinations so that they can be shared with babies and small children of all nationalities.

It is not often that you can say a children’s character has a defining purpose and mission, much less social redeeming value. “The OBW is more than just a character or a doll,” says Gatica, “he has a lot to goodness to offer families”. The story, on which the character is based on, will inspire the family, especially children, to rally behind the character to watch over their smaller baby brother or sister. I believe the OBW can be used as a small tool in minimizing sibling rivalry,” says Gatica. He expects that a discerning public, who expect more from a children’s character, will support the character and help in spreading his mission world-wide.

Purpose and Mission: According to Gatica, The OBW is a “fanciful” character with a “real” purpose and mission – to rally and unite the families to become ‘Official Baby Watcher’s Helpers’ for the purpose of watching over babies and small children.

The artist, believes that The Official Baby Watcher story will inspire older siblings of babies and small children, and other family members to become extensions of the character – to help watch over the smaller siblings – to make it a better, safer place for small children. This thought, along with a couple of family-oriented products, based on the character and concept, are designed to elicit family participation – which will serve to help make his “fanciful” mission a warm “reality”.

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