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As there are rules, there is no madness. But the musicians not enough reason to make art, and hence resort to extravasated passions, heroism highs, ecstasies, loves chimerical frenzy, ecstasy, rapture, divine moods, and then on the staff sort all these delusions . Order and rave are concepts that are excluded, except in the minds of the musicians, where confusion has its natural seat. But in fact the musicians, the delusions and follies get between five parallel lines and holes are the same as the staff, subject to reason your melografía delirious, from which it follows that reason, even for melodious madness, is and always will be, before the music, the art of arts, the sovereign power of the human spirit. Otherwise, the music expresses divine feelings, but has the disadvantage of expressing in tones too high, unlike the angels that remain silent, as when ascending from earth to heaven, lost in its absolute purification, the use of the word, with which both are sins in life.

As I was saying, took hold in me leaving the theater influenza. Was bitterly cold, Siberian. Jorge, you know what kind it is and how much he cares about my health, I noticed that entertained me well. I did that was the case. And on the way from the stage door to the car, an air stream left me transfixed. You know that abuse of the neckline, but also can not draw attention to one covering more than necessary. Once in the car I began to imitate Barrientos, derision a little with my husband. The third was a hoarse warble of agony. And get home arrecada, shivering. Total: twenty days of bed.

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