From start to finish.

And being this good, it will be bitter, but not vindictive, because the very idea of ​​moral figure, his noble status, to prevent her escape the bitterness in revenge.

Many of these reflections I owe to my husband, who is as clever as well, and that I would lose supondréis these psychological complexities and subtle distinctions between these revenge and spite.

We said that the greatest love is very near the maximum sudden hatred. If Romeo and Juliet, in the midst of their discussions and ecstasies, “the pale Elysian grace of moonlight” would have had a harsh word or a concept depressive state of glory that would have stopped instantly, and the live embers of his love would turn into hatred flare, or sad and melancholy cold, grim or spite, but then it disappeared back mood for love.

How to make this return? Here is our problem. You have to “make peace”. I hear the answer. Should start taking the blame for the disappointment. But the fact is that each one spouse believes the fault lies with the other. And since no diplomatic or foreign ministers in this war, hidden inside four walls, it is insoluble, while one of the contestants do not give up its sole discretion.

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