While traveling the highways and byways of the Mid West. A young man finds out the truth about himself.

Flash Fiction.

Twinkle, Twinkle little star, Full of wonder from afar, As now from heaven you do peek, I find serenity, is what I seek.The car traveled effortlessly over the worn asphalt. Its high performance engine purred with life as the driver, a young man- a dreamer if you will, pressed his foot on the accelerator. As the speedometer climbed to 95 the young man smiled.

There was something to be said about living in the Mid West- for one, posted speed limits were for tourists and old folks. For two, those long stretches of black asphalt surrounded on either side by green grass. The air smelled clean, fresh, and everything was far and few between and he liked that. He wished it could go on forever.

Occasionally in the distance one could see a patch of light, someone’s home, maybe even a ranch. There were no buildings, no cars, no people, nothing save an occasional cow or three that paid him no mind. Just the open sky dotted with a billion pin points of light shining down, and the open road.

He inhaled deeply and the crisp countrified air flowing in from the driver’s side window jump started his senses. He felt the familiar tingling deep down in his gut,  as he always did, when the weekend came and he cruised the highways, with no particular destination in mind.

He glanced at the briefcase, with his initials embossed in gold, resting on the passenger seat and sighed. He had a ton of work to do. Three projects going at once. He felt a momentary pang of guilt- then, as quickly as the feeling came, he dismissed it. The work could wait.

He pressed on the accelerator and the Speedometer needle, bathed in a diffused white light, climbed to 105. The custom made dual exhaust mufflers growled as the baffles opened wide.

There was plenty of accelerator pedal left. 110, 115. The car only trembled slightly as the high performance suspension adjusted to the speed. Still no shaking, no rattling. The young man glanced up at the open sky dotted with a billion pin points of light shining down, and smiled inwardly, ‘This is the life’ he thought.

120,130,142. As the car rocketed down the asphalt the headlights picked out… something, on the side of road. The young man frowned, he couldn’t quite make it out. Curiosity kicked in and he began decelerating; the car slowed. 80,70,40,20. He pulled over to the side of the road and got out. The light from the headlights bounced off of the shape. It was metal, twisted, crumpled, and rusted. A car- and from the look of things, it had been here a very long time.

As the young man walked slowly around the twisted frame something caught his eye; old deteriorated, faded, raised gold lettering- familiar-, a briefcase. Heart racing, the young man reached down to pick it up but his hand passed through it. Standing, he reached for the wreck’s twisted metal and again his hand passed through it

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