A short story by me.





  My name is Alan Smith. What I’m about to tell you is really… unbelievable, because I fought a Dragon. I know what you’re thinking probably a bit like this: “Oh boy another story about Knights and Dragons”.  And you’re partially right. Let’s just get on with the story. By the way, the year’s 1347.


  Walking up to jousting practice I saw my friend, Erik Woods. He was he kind of kid that people didn’t notice. Not like he was a wimpy guy who got teased. He just wasn’t a kid who wanted to be seen like those other nimrods.

  “Hi what’s up?” I said.

  “Nothing much, I was on my way to jousting practice when I saw you,” breathed Erik, it looked like he’d been running.

  “Okay, well let’s go before we’re late,” I said. Then Erik and I went to the jousting fields. Sir Randal was there talking to a bunch of big, buff guys who one of them I recognized was Erik’s brother, Samuel. He waved at Erik and I and then went back to listening to Sir Randal, who was a tall, muscular man with very dark hair. Our teacher though, was Sir Nameth. He was a bit shorter and older than Sir Randal, but just as muscular.

  “Ah, Alan and Erik you’re here a bit early,” said our teacher.

  “Yes we didn’t want to be late like last time,” mumbled Erik. He’d lost his pet toad and I had to help him find it. We’d gotten there so late that Sir Nameth had told us to stay after class to pick up on what we had missed.

  “Umm… Sir Nameth why hasn’t anyone arrived yet?” I asked, it had been a while and yet nobody had shown up.

  “Oh no…….,” gasped Sir Nameth. Erik and I turned where he was looking and there, about a mile away was a dragon. It was so large that it could be seen easily. That’s why no one had come, they had seen the dragon and stayed indoors to hide. I grabbed the nearest sword and ran towards the village. I had to save my mom.


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