Minute stories.

When he lifts his eyes to Toledo is coming on, but only with some confusion, fearing the wrath of the prince advance. This, you feel kind and tolerant after their violence on the steps, guess what’s going to say. Castro has not found. And he absolves with a benevolent smile.

Colonel speaks:

-Marquis: Don Mark not want.

What? … And in the eyes Lubimoff question that can not understand, that refuses to understand what you hear, Toledo repeated, increasingly confused:

He refuses to accept the representation. He told me to look to another. You have special ideas …

And it fails to present these ideas. Calla, not to say something that the prince should not hear from his mouth well accepted as a stunned silence that stands between him and Lubimoff; fears that comes out of stupefaction that has engulfed his news.

Because you want to get away, offers something that seems a remedy.

– Do you want to call you Your Highness? Will surely come. Maybe talking about the two …

And away to seek the Castro, while Michael Fedor returns to stand still in his seat, without understanding anything.

Saw him standing at his bedside, with some haste in their gestures, like a man who braves a painful situation and want out of it soon.

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