A short erotic story that takes place one night.


  It was after midnight over the weekend and Jeff sat on the chair watching sports. His mother who happened to be twenty years older was out with a couple of old high school friends. The thought of her being out gave Jeff a sense of a stable mind being alone in a silent house, doing what he enjoyed doing. He had a date, but at the final minute his date bailed out for unknown reasons. Considering the letdown, Jeff made the best of things and took full advantage of the moment.
  That was until he heard a car pull up and doors opening and closing. The echoes of giggles penetrated the house walls as the front door opened. Mom was home! She did not come in alone because she over drank her limits and her friend, Cindy had to help her in. Cindy did not appear too intoxicated as they both strolled in and to the couch.
  Cindy asked Jeff how was doing and he said, “Fine!” as she sat mom down. Wondering what happened, Jeff asked, “Where did you two go?” and mom slobbered out the name, “Marty’s!” which was a bar.
  Jeff went to his moms bedroom to fetch a blanket since she was on the verge of passing out. After covering her up, Cindy remarked how sweet that gesture was. Jeff just replied with a smile. As Jeff sat back down, Cindy called her husband and told him where she was and what happened. Jeff did not ease drop, but heard her saying that she would have to stay the night here because, her car was still at the bar. She said her goodbyes and approached Jeff and asked, “Is it ok ? I’ll keep you company.” as Jeff shook his head yes.
  Two in the morning rolled around and a lot was talked about between Jeff and Cindy. Cindy discussed things in the past when she was younger and Jeff listened and talked about being disappointed about being stood up. Cindy’s demeanor changed into sympathy and sorrow for Jeff. She even remarked that if she was younger and had a date with him, she would never stand him up. Jeff’s response was, “I would surely date you in a second then and now” in a honest, bold tone. That caught Cindy’s ear like if she just won the lottery.
  Jeff knew it was time for him to go to bed and told Cindy she could sleep in his mother’s room since his mom was on the couch. Cindy smiled and said, “OK!” as Jeff went towards his bedroom and closing the door. While in the bedroom, Jeff picked up a few things off the floor and gathered the next day’s clothes together as he heard footsteps walking by until the sounds went into his mother’s bedroom. So Jeff finally took off his shirt to go to bed. As he began to lie down, he heard footsteps again, only they stopped at his door and then a soft knock vibrated the door.
  After a short while, after noticing who was behind the door did not go away, Jeff stood up silently and walked towards the door. Cindy’s whispered that she needed to ask something to Jeff before bed time to which Jeff opened the door out of curiosity. Cindy stood there in the hall way, but did not have a shirt on, just a purple bra. Jeff’s heart began to race as he fought to ask what she needed. With a serious look, Cindy asked,” Can I have a good night kiss?” and that made Jeff freeze on the spot. Before Jeff cold respond, Cindy embraced him and kissed him on the side of the neck and using her tongue. Jeff finally came to and started to maul her neck while feeling up her double “D’s”.
  Cindy had a light complexion, long red hair, and had an attractive body for being thirty eight. If you really listened to her voice, it could be seductive at best. Her and Jeff were the same height, five nine. Jeff loved heavy metal and had long black hair that went past his middle back. He had a slender muscular build and a hairy chest.
  As the petting went on in the doorway, they made their back to Jeff’s mother’s room and closed the door. In there, Cindy started unzipping Jeff’s pants as he pulled down her bra straps and licking her breasts as if they were his favorite ice cream. She stuck her hand down his pants and remarked how big he was and how she yearned for it. Jeff, out of lustful instinct pulled down her pants that had no zipper or bottom on it.
  After the both were naked and heated up, they both collapsed on the bed together. Cindy told Jeff that this was their little secret and Jeff agreed with a growl like sound. Cindy was already ripe and wet when Jeff penetrated her as they both took that first moan together. He being on top and her legs spread around his waist, he wasted no time in pumping and pulsating in rapid appeal. She begged for more as he kept delivering the goods.
  After minutes of that went by, she rolled over on top of him, mounting him like a mechanical bull and started digging deep while going up and down and licking his chest. Jeff’s arms first gripped her ass checks with devotion, until he moved them to clutch the back bed rail. The bed rocked, but not loudly and the moans, groans, and heavy breathings could be heard beyond the bedroom door. Cindy whispered out of breath, “God, I am cumming strong” and fluids dripped onto Jeff.
  She crawled off of Jeff and realized he was not done just yet. While she was lying on her stomach, Jeff crept behind her and grabbed her waist to raise it up. Jeff whispered, “Dog style time” as he plunged his erect flesh right into her. They both noticed Jeff’s mothers big wall mirror was in front of them which made things more exciting. As Jeff pounded, Cindy’s body bounced and moved with each buck. Things were at their zenith and the room was abnormally hot.       Finally, as Cindy started having another orgasm, her sounds influenced Jeff’s ears and he started getting the sensation that the end was cumming. Just before what, Jeff asked Cindy if he should pull out? To which she said, “No!!!” and kept the motion alive. Seconds later, Jeff began to moan beyond belief as his rock hard cock began to release that ozzing fluid. Out it came, pumping and pumping like there was no end.
  The workout made them both fall onto the mattress as they both were covered in sweet and sex. It took several minutes before they both gathered up their thoughts. Cindy expressed her amazement to Jeff as he replied the same way and more. “The one for the history books” Cindy uttered. Jeff rolled over and whispered in her ear, “You are without doubt a real woman.” and making Cindy blush. “What now?” asked Jeff? To which Cindy told him it was great, but a onetime thing and no one could ever find out. Jeff agreed and stood up to put on his clothes and return to his room. As he opened the door and closed it, something out of the corner caught his eye and he looked. It was his mother on the couch, sitting up and wide awake in the dead silent room. They both just stood there looking at one another as Jeff thought, “It is no longer a secret.”……….

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