Blessing in disguise: pt.5.

In such immoral and dangerous, Manon Lescaut continued the marshal, occupies, say, one of the first rank. Weaknesses and anxieties deserved a good heart are criminal, they say, portrayed with a truth that has depth, which does not speak of your Bonaparte at St. Helena it is a novel written for lackeys.

The word went all his activity to the soul of Julian. We wanted to get lost with the Marshal, he was told my enthusiasm for Napoleon. This fact has piqued enough to surrender to the temptation to make me feel. This discovery amused all evening, and made him fun. As he took leave of the Marshal in the vestibule of the Opera:

-Remember, sir, she said, he must not love when you love me Bonaparte, one can at most accept it as a necessity imposed by Providence. Moreover, this man did not mind flexible enough to feel the masterpieces of art.

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