The trap was set.

              Bruce with 4 ranch hands had set up camps to form a circle around the cattle. If anything tried to get through, a signal would be sent up. Around 2:00 am Bruce seen some riders, as soon as they saw the flair being shot into the sky, one of the riders pulled his rifle from his saddle, aimed and fired. He watched as who ever had been standing out there in the dark fall to the ground. That was when he heard horses coming from what seemed to be all directions. It was time to high tail it out of there and quick. They spilt up and rode fast into the night.

           Reba wake with a start, someone was beating on the front door. Flipping the light on, she peaked through the curtains on the door. Seeing the ranch hands on the porch her stomach sank. Opening the door, she asked what was wrong? Shuffling his feet, one man stepped to her and told her, ” Miss Reba, We are are sorry as hell about this. We tried to get there as quick as we could, but those riders had done left by the time”Reba could tell he was dragging his feet about telling her something and she wanted to know what it was. ” For Gods sake, what are you talking about?” she asked in an almost hysterical face. It was the look on the mens face that said it all. She turned to go back in the house, she could fell herself going down, the room was getting dark and her mouth felt like cotton. When she came to, she was lying on the couch. That’s when it hit her. Bruce was dead. The man she loved would never come home to her again. She cried for the love she lost, for the injustice of it all. Three days later they placed Bruce’s body beside his father in the family cemetery.

     That had been 3 years ago. Reba looked around the ranch again. The taxes had to be paid and she would find a way to do just that. Someone was opening the door to the house, she turned to see her son running out to greet her. Reba watched him come down the steps with care. Bruce had died before she found out that she was pregant. Oh how she wished he was still here to see their son. Derick would know how much his daddy would have loved him, Reba will see to that. Bruce may not be here, but he was in her heart forever. 

Liked it
  • Ravah on Sep 8, 2009

    It catches the attention from the opening sentence.I think the writer should build on this if she have not already done so.

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