The Evacuee list of some of my family during world war two.In Burma and India.

On  the 8 May 1942 , the Dennis family of 6 1/2 Mille, Prome Road,Rangoon , Mr and Mrs A.E. Dennis, Mrs L.Dennis and Mrs V. Dennis move from Rangoon Burma to India.

On the 19 May 1942, The Dennis family of 154/45th Street, Rangoon, Burma , Mr. and Mrs E.A. Dennis and six childern move from Burma to India.

My family of SAVIEL , move from Maymyo, Burma to Calcutta, India on the 5 May 1942, The Saviel family was Mr E.D. Saviel and Mrs E.D. Saviel, Miss M.Saviel, Miss D.Saviel Mr W. Saviel ,Mr H. Saviel and Mr B. Saviel ( All in the Army ) .

My Father and his one of his sister and two of his brother all join the British Army in 1942. When the Japanese Army invaded Burma in 1942 during World War Two. My father went to India with the British 14th Army R.A.M.E.  he was in the Royal Army Medical Corps. and later join the Burma Intelligent Corps in 1943 in India.

The Evacuee list consits of European, Anglo-Burman, Anglo -Indian and other natives.

I hope you all like this story and let me know what you think of it.

George T Saviel

29 April 2010.

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