A story about six sister’s harrowing canoe trip. They spend time camping each year together.

“Canoeing”Columbus sailed the oceans blueBut The Sisters six went off to tubeHub lake in Michigan is where they went Not sure it was heaven sent.Jo’s birthday was the dayCelebrated while we playedJohn and Beth were there tooSo Jo wouldn’t be so blue.On Sat. morn, dry and fairThought we’d take a river cruiseRented 2 long silver canoesDidn’t think it would be such a bear.Just around the very first bendSandy, Pam and Jo went inClung to tree with all their mightPraying death wouldn’t be their plight.Angie, Nita, and Trish were swiftTried to help, but had to quitOn the next bend, they capsizedAnd found that they were still alive.A harrowing 2 hour journey begansang songs of praise while things looked grimNo one knew how the others wereWhile the raging river around us grew.A family of tubers floated bywatched us struggle, oh myCouldn’t stop, but hoped they’d helpWhen they got back, we felt.Denny Briggs, age 71Tried to help with one big sweepGot Brad Light, horse, rope and jeepTo rescue Trish, Angie and Nite.Sandy, Pam and Jo were tiredRaging river swelling fastCouldn’t hold on, had to releaseSwept us to shore, what a relief.Climbed to safety, praising our GodHeard a voice, was it angels?It was children, come to find To unite us with family and bless us.Fireman, ambulance, and policeman thereTo attend and give us careMany questions and stories sharedHit morning papers, Oh what a flare.Miniature golfing to calm our nervesAnd to help sort out our bluesThe day, not exactly what we’d planned Although new relationships were fanned.Sunday morning found us soreKnew we didn’t want any moreYounger trio went to puttWhile older 3 mended their cuts.Out to breakfast, with millionaireA nice man who really caredTook us back to spot on shoreTo take a look, just once more.Waters  peaceful and calm once againNot exactly like it had beenThe day before the raging waterTook a life of a fire fighterPraise God, no one deadFor my Lord has saidClaim my promises and praise praise praiseI will give you joy, peace and rest.We returned home with welcomed armsTo parents and families who love us dear.All were happy and full of cheerThank God, We claim no bonds of fear.Well once again, we left our markCanoeing wasn’t too smartNext time a more calm way for kicks.Signed THE SISTER’S SIX 7/31/1992

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