You Have All the Power.

Two years ago my life was shit. I read so many books hoping that i`ll find in some of them the answers. If I could sum all of the information that i assumed the answers would be in a few rules: 

1. Think positively. 
2. Go to your dream. 
3. Get pleasure from every moment of your life. 
4. Watch as you fulfill your dream.

But I want to say that these rules slow you down. They slowed me down. They gave me a feeling that I can acquire what I want without working. In this way I will not acquire anything, laziness will grow bigger and bigger. So I did for a few days a plan. I started reading books about time management and what I propose to you (They made me understand that I lose a lot of time every day.). After I learned the time laws I began working. These were my sacrifices. 

1. Do not go outside with friends. 
2. Do not watch TV. 
3. Do not linger in bed.

After I killed so many pleasures I managed to learn a part of IT, languages ​​like (html, css, php, jquery), photoshop, illustrator. After i learned these, was not hard for me to find a job. Now I work for a company that appreciates me and pay me very well. I shall therefore begin to list some steps achieving the desired goal. 

1. Schedule yourself a day to rest alone. Let no one confuse you, be a total silence, no cars, no phones. When you reach that moment close your eyes and think about where are you in your life right now. What are you desired to get? Why do you want to get there? What efforts will be made ​​for this? After you have planned everything in your head submit all thoughts on paper. 
2. A day, gather all sources that will help you get where you want and organize them in one place. 
3. Before you will start to work or to learn, motivate yourself always. Imagine the worst scenario that could ever be happen if you will not work or learn right now. Also imagine best scenario if you will do this now. After you`ll have these scenarios choose one of them and go to it. Keep in mind the key is to work and work. 

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