Danny Saucedo, Eric Saade and Molly Sandén fanfiction, written by Kikisan.


Danny Saucedo, Eric Saade and Molly Sandén fanfiction, written by Kikisan.

Please, do not repost it in any place without asking permission and crediting me & this forum, thank you! This fanfic is inspired off course by Eric, his amazing girlfriend, his talented friend Danny and my friend Nika who has previously posted a fanfic just for fun. All events described here are not necessary true (but we can pretend they are just for a moment!).

Chapter 12- Gimme More

- Danny, where are we going? – I asked once again as I was driving.
However it just made Danny laugh. I blushed.
- Why do you feel so curious?
I was following Danny’s instructions. He definitely wanted to give me a surprise.
- I was trying to keep this place for a special date. And finally, today is the day.

- At least I can be sure we are not going to Mr. M’s place.
- I love Mr. M’s crib, but you are right we are not going there.
- Come on Eric, relax- he said and he gave me a kiss in the cheek
- Please, don’t do that again, Danny. You are distracting me.

It was real. I had the temptation to stop the car in the middle of the highway and make love to him right then inside my car.

- By the way, are you feeling hungry? I didn’t have dinner today. – Danny continued-

Too many emotions you know, I forgot about my mealtimes.
He winked.

- I’m hungry too! – I said while I was looking directly to Danny’s huge dick in his pants.
- Eric, watch out! – Danny cried.
Oh my God, I wasn’t looking to the traffic lines.
- It was just a second.
- Manboy, are you planning to kill me?

I feel ashamed but Danny immediately changed the conversation.

- We can go to a night club that is near.
- Are you sure…?
- Yes, manboy! Måns actually recommend me to go here. It’s a very exclusive place. Perfect when you don’t want to be seen with your hot couple.

When we arrived to the club Danny put his hands on my chest and my abdomen
- Come on disco turk, let’s dance- he suggested getting even closer to my body.

I must admit that feeling the pressure of my boy’s body over me was very sexy feeling and it gets me excited. I couldn’t help myself and I simply smiled.

In the club, the club.

We dance for a while. Or, I must say, Danny guide every movement of my body synchronized with his own desires and I can’t deny that it felt very sexy.
I feel so happy that Danny has chosen this place where we can be ourselves and feel like a couple just enjoying ourselves. After fifteen minutes we sit in a private room.

Danny ordered a bottle of vodka for us and we were just looking at each other. Danny couldn’t keep an eye out of me.

- Oh Eric, why on earth are so fucking hot? Manboy you are perfect!
- It’s funny cause I’m having the same feelings for you.
I blushed. It was real; Danny looked even more perfect than he usually looked that I couldn’t concentrate on anything different than him.

- Danny, can you finally tell me where are we going to douche the night away?- I asked him laughing
- Oh boy, you hate waiting.
- Yes!
- Alright. We are going to “Danny’s love place”- he said with his biggest pervy smile. –

It’s a hidden hotel in the town but it’s absolutely incredible. It looks as the highest 5 star hotel in Stockholm, I swear- he explained.

- You’ll see Eric how amazing it is.
- And how did you discover this place?

It makes me feel curious how he did it. I suspect it was not a casualty.
Danny laughed.

- Well, me and my friends from E.M.D. used to go there when we had a week off, you know, to enjoy with our fans- He gave me a guilty look.
I shrugged.
- Come on Eric, you know what I mean!
- Danny, considering that most of my fans are like 14-16 years old girls I can’t do this. I’m not a pedophile!
- Oh come on Eric! You know you are lying- he said, not believing in my words.

He kept looking for a while.

- Seriously? You have never had sex with a fan on backstage of your tour or whatever.
- No.
- Oh, my manboy- He said with an emotion on his face and he kissed me on my lips. –

This makes me love you even more.

- You’re my master on the lesson about “how good boys get dirty”- I joked.
- And you’re an A+++ student.

- Anyway, we shouldn’t care about anything here.
- I mean, we are in the middle of the night, on a private room, just you and me- he continued. – We are going to have fun.
- Sure- I said.

- What about your girlfriend? – I asked him while I took a sip of vodka from my cup.
I didn’t want to bother him. I just wanted to know how he could deal with this. Thanks heaven, it seems that Danny understood my point.
- What about my girlfriend?
- That’s what I’m asking you.
- f**k her!
I was astonished

- Why do you keep looking at me like that?- Danny asked me and then he laughed
- f**k her! And also f**k to the media and everything that don’t let me be with you. f**k all of them!
- Danny, maybe you have drunk too much- I suggested with an alarm tone on my voice.
- Hahaha I’m fine Eric. Sure, enjoy that you are free. Come on, say it: What about your girlfriend Eric?
- Repeat: “f**k Molly”
- I won’t say this.

I was completely serious.

- I’m sorry Danny, but I don’t find anything funny on this game.

For a single second, I had the impression that Danny wanted to discuss with me, however he just said.

- What a pity! I forgot that you are more bisexual than I do. I guess that’s the way you are- he added with his thumb pointing down.

I kissed Danny on his neck

- Danny, why don’t we just go directly to the room’s hotel- I whispered on his ear
- I want to start our game- I added and I winked

That was enough for Danny to go back to his good mood. Thanks God. Actually his reaction was more than what I was expecting.

- You don’t have to wait that long- Danny said and he laughed in a way that sounded really sexy to me.

Everytime they turn the lights down
Just wanna go that extra mile for you
You caught my display of affection
Feels like no-one else in the room
We can get down
Like there’s no-one around
We keep on rockin

- I’m gonna suck your dick- Danny said looking straight in the eye.
- Right now.

I was speechless. I didn’t have the ability to say no, let alone, no thanks.
- Danny, please not here- I finally said but it was already too late
Danny was already behind the table and he was touching my baby maker on my pants that already showed a big erection just by his touch.
- Who’s to know? We are in a private room. No one could see us.

Danny unzipped my pants, lick my underwear and then he slowly take them off revealing my dick. He quickly brushed my dick then pulled his hand away as quickly as he had put it there. The desired effect was achieved. My cock began to stir again and he brought it to his mouth and started swallowing my entire dick over and over again.

I couldn’t help myself. I started moaning.

- Danny, yes, that’s it baby.
But suddenly…
- Danny, stop. Someone is coming!

Five seconds later a girl entered the room. I was blushing and I was sweating. Oh, and my pants were not in the right place. I have to put them on so quickly they just didn’t look right.

Danny was smiling. I guess he tried to look innocent but on the opposite it makes him look like a pervert.

The girl put the dishes on the table and she tried not to laugh.
What a shame!

But when she left the room we just laughed.
- Oh Danny! Do you have another “good idea” to make us be in trouble?
- I have thousands but not for tonight! Let’s move on.
- Alleluia!- I sung making Danny laughed so hard again.

We left the room and went directly to Danny’s love place after we ate.
It was exactly as Danny has described it. It looked like an elegant old building from the XV century, maybe a property of a member of a royal family used as a summer house or whatever but definitely not a hotel.

To enter the building we have to drive 4 kilometers after a gate where Danny showed his registration to a man. There was no other commodity near the hotel that was completely illuminated. We can see it in the highest part of the road.

It was very elegant but I must admit that it has a gothic style that I don’t completely like it. I prefer Måns place- I thought but I better not say anything. I didn’t want to bother Danny at all.

However, when we were in our room I started changing my mind. It looks like the presidential suite: there was a fully stocked bar, a king-size bed, a sitting area with a love seat and two overstuffed chairs surrounding a coffee table. The coffee table had been pushed up to the chairs so the only place to sit was the love seat. And the bed, of course.

Danny invited me to sit in the love seat. He kicked off his shoes removed his socks and suggested that I do the same. I complied.

- Do you want something to drink?

Danny brought two champagnes glasses. We drink it at the same time and then we sealed our lips in a soft, beautiful kiss. I couldn’t keep my eyes out of Danny’s beautiful ones.

- So…?- He asked
- So…- I invited him to finish the sentence with an innocent smile
- Are you nervous Eric? – He asked me.
- No! Let’s have fun!
- That’s my boy.

- OK, what kind of underwear is your fantasy guy wearing? – He suddenly asked me.
- I don’t know… the red ones are very sexy!
- Oh- Danny said with a big naughty smile revealing me that he was actually wearing a pair of red boxers.
- It seems that tonight is my night

I smiled to him.

Danny unbuttoned all of the buttons of my t-shirt down to my belt. He then stood up and removed his own shirt. He sat back down and tugged at my shirt. I helped him to remove my shirt. Danny’s amazingly strong hands went to my nipples and he gently tweaked them.

Then he licked them. I could feel his wet tongue exploring my chest giving me so much satisfaction.
And then Danny sucked at them. I arched my back trying to get more of my nipples into his mouth. My hand was on the back of his head as he licked and sucked away.

- Now is your turn Eric- Danny told me and I didn’t wait any more instructions.

With a deep breath, I reach out with a still shaking hand and touch the front of his jeans. I leaned forward and took this beautiful cock into my mouth. At first I just held the head in my mouth. Danny helped by gently pumping it back and forth between my lips. When he stopped this, I took the hint and began to stroke his cock with my hands and lips.

- Ahh, yes manboy- He moaned every time louder
Then his knees buckled slightly and he put a hand on my shoulder for support.

Danny kissed my ear, my neck, my cheek, my forehead. He then paused with his lips just two inches from mine.

I thought that I was about to wank just because of Danny’s hot kisses and caresses. I just closed my eyes and let things happen.

I began with his nipples.
I sucked them, licked them, tweaked them, tweaked them and sucked them, licked them back again. I didn’t have Danny’s patience.

I wanted his yummy cock in my mouth again and I went for it without even asking. I saw a drop of precum on the tip of Danny’s baby maker. I stopped to lick it away. Another appeared and I licked it again. I wanted more and took it. For me it tasted like heaven, my man’s juice, sure it tasted like honey.

I tried to get as much of his cock into my mouth as I could handle. I worked his cock as fast as I could. I was having trouble breathing. Danny was simply surprised after all my energy.

- Eric, you should breathe through your nose

I looked at him with questioning eyes.

- I saw a porn star saying this. I just watched it…
Danny shrugged. Oh my God he was blushing. This happen like one in a million times.

- I don’t need the details about what you do in your free time, D- I said and laughed.

Nevertheless, it was a really good tip. It was easier now that I was breathing through my nose. I pumped and sucked but it didn’t appear that he was going to cum for me. I needed help and I asked Danny for it. Danny began to jack off with the head of his dick in my mouth.

- I am about to cum Eric- Danny informed me taking his hand away.

I again took as much of his dick as I could. I sucked and pumped and swirled my tongue on his rock hard cock for just a few seconds when I felt his cock jerk and I could feel his cum in my mouth. I held on with my lips until I was sure that he would cum no more. I drink every drop. I was tasting the victory.

- That was a great way to start our night- Danny admitted.

We sat in the love seat. For a few seconds we just look to each other. It was like keeping the best secret in the whole world. The secret of our love.
When Danny stopped watching me he reached for a bottle of wine. We each took a sip and put the glasses down.

- Danny can I ask you something? – I said trying to use my best persuasive voice.

But my boy immediately got it. I guess he was also thinking about it. He looked a little bit nervous

- I know what you are about to say and the answer is no!- he said

I stood up and tied Danny’s hips with my hands. I could feel the hard pressure of my hands on Danny’s butt when I said with a smile

- Danny, I think it’s time for you that I took away that big “V” you got behind your back buddy.

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