Danny Saucedo, Eric Saade and Molly Sandén fanfiction, written by Kikisan.


Danny Saucedo, Eric Saade and Molly Sandén fanfiction, written by Kikisan.

Chapter 15- Paradise

- Today, I realized how much I really want you- Eric said and for a moment I couldn’t breathe.

- Day after day, Molly Sandén I love you more- he added putting love in every single word, in every gesture of his face, every expression, his sexy voice; everything in Eric was clearly saying how much he love me.

I was speechless.  He kissed me before getting up.  He went to the restroom.  I appreciated every inch of his sexy beautiful body in my bed.  Even if I’m used to see his magnificent God’s body 24/7 almost every year, it always surprised me.  You will never get used to this.  You will never feel completely satisfied with something so beautiful that I can’t understand why it can be human.  You will never say that you have received “too much love” coming from a boy as Eric is.  

Is this just a dream?

We had another wonderful night full of sensational sex.  I felt satisfied in a 1000%.  Eric  is a master at making love and he never got tired of the action.  And of course, I love my man.

We almost fight last night after Eric discovered what happen between me and Måns, but this only lead us to express our love and how much we care for each other in an even harder and more passionately way in our bed.  

There’s no one in my heart but Eric.  You may ask me then why have I cheated on my boy with a guy I don’t even feel in love.  I could not explain this. I don’t have anything to say in my favour.

Before I knew that my boy was bisexual and that he was also dating with Danny, I felt like the worst bitch in the whole planet, like a villain.  I knew it was bad what I was doing but even with that, my strange relationship with Måns was like a drug to me.     

I felt like a drug addicted that knows exactly that what he/ she is doing is not right but he/ she still does it because there’s no control.  It’s not that I was playing with M’s feeling.  In fact, I think that he felt this same need that I was experimenting.

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