A Fanfic slash story inspired by Swedish singers Eric Saade and Danny Saucedo.


Danny Saucedo, Eric Saade and Molly Sandén fanfiction, written by Kikisan.
Chapter 4- Break of Dawn
When I wake up, Molly has already gone. She didn’t say goodbye. She just leaves. I didn’t like this. I had the strange feeling that something really bad was happening near me, like a menace; but I didn’t know why I have to fear or what was about to happen. I just didn’t feel right. Some hours later I’d realized how right I was there.

I don’t wanna wake up lonely
Think about me and remember I’m alone
At the break of dawn

But at the same time I prefer not to think about this. I just didn’t want to ruin my day when I had the amazing perspective of being with my prince, my lover, my boyfriend, my everything, Danny Saucedo, all night long. Nothing would destroy my “best day ever”, especially not a panic feeling with no foundations.

Nothing notorious happened during my day. I went to have lunch and I remembered that, after all I haven’t given Molly a reason why I wouldn’t be with her until midnight.
I’m going to call her and I will ask her why she left the room so early this morning. We will laugh and I’ll inform her how much I love her before telling her that I will be busy all night until midnight. End of the story, nothing to worry about it.

But that’s not the way that Irony Gods play with humans. For some reason, Molly wasn’t available for me. I tried later but she never answered. I sent her a SMS desperately asking for her reply. It didn’t work either.
I don’t want to sound arrogant but I hate when people ignores me. When I came back to my rehearsals I call her one last time with the same result. I gave up.
When I arrived home I’ll explain everything to Molly.
How innocent I was! There won’t be time for explanations. Soon I’ll be tamed.

However, this wasn’t something I knew in that moment. Of course not, and in the last couple of hours I guess I was a little bit too impatient to have the best night of my week.
There were two big reasons that made me feel so excited: Danny obviously was the one and the second one was our secret paradise. I was too happy that I never took seriously that presage that has come to my mind in the morning.

I drove directly to Mr. M’s crib, outside the city. When I arrived to this majestic building a guard stopped my car.
- Oh, good evening Mr. Saade- the man said recognizing me
- Good evening.
- Come in. Mr. Zelmerlöw is waiting for you.
- And Danny?- I asked maybe too quickly.
- He will be soon I guess. Enjoy the night.
- Sure I will- I replied with a big smile on my face, being completely honest.

- Eric. Finally you are here, manboy- Måns greeted me. I would love to be here to say hi to my favorite cute friends.
And without giving me a single second he rushed at me, put one of his arms over my neck, the other one on my waist and he kissed me.
I’d love to say that I hate it but it was actually really good. I was imprisoned by Mr. M. who was obviously planning this moment.
It lasted just 10 seconds. Ten seconds that Måns used really well playing with my lips. He tried to make me open my mouth with his tongue and then… he knew it was time to stop.

I haven’t recovered myself. I felt like an ice statue
- You tasted as yummy as I thought- he said and then smiled at me.
What a cute smile, what a precious face. Me? I still was paralyzed. I wasn’t completely recovered after this warm welcome from Mr. M. I should look really stupid in that moment.
- Come on Eric, are you going to stay that way forever? Don’t keep me looking like that. Hahaha
- Your boyfriend has arrived.

It was right. Mr. M. went directly to say hi to Danny. I couldn’t move. They started laughing just as a pair of old really good friends could do.
Finally they were in front of me.
- It’s all yours for this night- said Mr. M feeling proud of his amazing crib.
- Fantastic- said my Danny. I was sure he was really excited and couldn’t wait to be with me alone.
- I just need to ask you something, Danny- Måns said and he put one of his hands on Danny’s shoulder.
This time he looked as the wise professor talking to one of his favorite disciples.
- Give him the best sex of his life- he winked to Danny. And if you can film it, that would be awesome.

Then he addressed to me also putting a hand over my shoulder
- Eric, I don’t need to say anything to you. I know you are an amazing lover just by looking in your eyes- he joked
- What?- shouted Danny making me laugh
- Don’t worry, Danny. –Måns answered. I haven’t touched your boy. At least not for the moment- he added laughing.

We talked for the next few minutes with Mr. M. We drank together and made some jokes until he left us. Finally, it was just Danny and me.
- Eric, you are so quiet tonight. Why so serious?
I couldn’t say what was on my mind. I needed to loosen up, do something crazy and start having fun with my man.

So that was exactly what I do. I started taking off my clothes in front of Danny who was simply surprised
- I could do a cannon ball better than you do- I challenged him and then I jumped to the pool laughing
- Stop acting like a kid, Eric- he protested but it took he just a few seconds to follow me.

Danny took me from my waist and then he kissed me. I loved how his wet body feels next to mine. We went down and kissed again inside of the pool. Yes, like a gay version of the Titanic scene.
I tried to suck Danny’s cock in the water. Bad idea, but it was a nice try. After that, we were taking turns doing cannon balls in the pool and I beated him out for the most part of the game.

- Don’t be mad, Danny- I said to him because he wasn’t being a good loser.
- It’s just unfair, I have lost in front of my little manboy. I’m totally embarrassed
- I’m sorry hahaha. Wait I have a really good idea. I challenge you to a race competition through the pool. The one who won choose…
- What thing are you exactly wanting to choose, Eric?- Danny asked
- To choose what we are going to play- I answered him with a big innocent smile. Then I touched Danny’s butt.

An understanding expression came to Danny’s mind.
- Oh no. I don’t want it. I’m not prepared
- Why Danny?- I asked
- But please Eric, I…- he looked worried.
- Alright you win; I have no reasons to deny you this… pleasure. If you really want to do it.
I kissed him being completely happy.
- So, are we going to have a race?
- I won’t let you win.
We did it but Danny was better prepared and he came to the other side of the pool faster than me. He seemed so happy after making me lose that he didn’t realize why I was laughing at him.

When he looked down he finally noticed that he was naked. Danny’s speedos had come off and now I had it in my hand.
- Ok, Eric, give me back my speedos please.
- No way- I replied laughing. Then I put them in my head.
- How do I look?
- Like a stupid five years old boy. Now give me my clothes, I want to go to the room and sleep with you.
- Don’t be silly. Remember you have won, let’s play- I suggested and I winked to him.

Danny came to the border of the pool and sat there. I went there too, I got naked and then I started sucking his penis while he rubbed my nipples and fingered me. I loved the way his fingers were touching me inside the water.

And then, he just got on top of me and put his member into me.
Wow, that was great. The more Danny fucked me, the hornier I got. It was just crazy, making love inside the pool but I was just enjoying. It didn’t take me too long to find myself getting very into it. Danny entered me for about 10 minutes, ten fantastic minutes where I was in ecstasy until he came inside of me.

We joined a kiss and smile.
- There are no towels- Danny noticed.
- Who cares- I replied.- There’s no one watching us.
So we went upstairs naked, like two wild boys in the middle of the nature enjoying their natural beauty.

The first thing I did when we entered the room was jumping in our bed.
- Don’t do that. I’m not a saint and you are tempting me to put myself over you and fucking you once again.
- Maybe that’s exactly what I want you to do me.
- Aren’t you hungry?- He asked
- Yes- I admit. But I’m also hungry of your body.
I kissed his neck.

I dry my body with a towel and took my clothes on. We went back to look for something to eat. Danny cooked for me, what a wonderful man and we eat together.
At the end of the meal we drink a glass of wine looking the beautiful view of the city.
- It’s simply beautiful, isn’t it?- Danny asked
- Yes. But nothing compares to the fact of being with you.
- We share the same feeling baby. This is just… like a dream
- I want this never ends- I confessed.
- Don’t worry boy. It won’t end. Nothing will change between you and I.

I felt so safe in his arms. Danny got closer to me in that emotional moment, very hesitantly and softly stroke my cheek. His trembling fingers then skim over my nose and then onto my opposite cheek.
I closed my eyes, I just want to feel the magic that Danny was giving to me. It was more than a dream because it was actually happening; my body was feeling it and I simply don’t want this to end.
If I only knew what was about to happened next, when we leave our paradise…
He gave me a slow, sweet kiss. I opened my eyes, but this time, it was Danny who has closed his eyes.

I felt his hands and arms snaking around my neck. He put his face even closer to mine; I could feel every little piece of his lips touching me, so hot, so intimate and how he deepens the kiss. I felt his tongue, licking my lips as if he was asking for permission to enter me. I opened my mouth as wide as Danny’s lips will let me and I feel his tongue slowly entering my mouth. It was warm and it was full of love and curious.
Our tongues were dancing together, as united as our love for ourselves was. I felt we could be timeless, we shouldn’t need to worry about anything. The slower we did this, the better we fulfill our passion.
- Danny, I love you.
- I know, Eric. And I love you too.
- Let’s go to our room.
- Hahaha, that was actually what I was about to ask you- he said while touching my cheek.

When we just entered the room, we immediately started kissing again. His touch felt electric. We broke away from kissing for a few seconds to let him taking off my shirt, leaving me top naked for him to see and he watched as the most entertaining show of his live.
Danny played with his hands, touching me from my hair to my ears to my forehead, and then to my eyes, my cheeks, my lips and my chin. He went down to my neck to my chest tracing my muscles feeling like an artist, a painter or a sculptor appreciating his most important work.
He touched my nipples with those electric fingers he had. I couldn’t help but openly moaning. Danny felt excited. He enjoyed watching the expressions of my face.

- Lie down, Eric- he whispered.
I didn’t protest. I leaned back until lying on the bed. My head was comfortable on the pillows and all I had to do was feeling: Danny kissing me again, this time starting from my neck. Kissing, biting and licking every inch of my body. Oh God, this was so good. I was in heaven and Danny was my angel.
His kisses brought him to my nipples. Hi licked and bit each one, making me ask him for more. He played with my chest for a while until he felt satisfied and then he went even lower, guiding his tongue until the waist band of my pants.

They felt so uncomfortable on a moment like this. He took them off and so he did with my underwears. I helped him to do this because I didn’t want to wait to get them off and to give all of myself to him.
- Eric, you are so gorgeous- He confessed. He said it really loud and I liked it. – I will never feel tired of telling you this.
He looked at me as if he was watching a dream. Thinking that I and this moment couldn’t be real because it was so good. I just blushed.
- Thank you Danny.
- You know, I always wanted you. I mean, before our kiss. From the very first moment you arrived to Melodifestivalen and I watched you, I felt something special for you.
He bites his lower lips with a guilty expression on his face after revealing me his feelings. That’s definitely one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

And then he took my baby maker with his hands. He didn’t look so nervous anymore as his hands began to rub up and down hahaha. I threw my head back against the pillows as I moaned. I couldn’t stop this feeling. All my body was on fire thanks to Danny, my blond angel, I can’t handle it.
- Do you like it Eric?
I gave him a moan as an answer not being able to find my voice.
He brought his head to my private area. His lips were hovering above my penis and he breathed in deeply through his nose and he softly moaned.
- You smell so nice. I love the way my Eric smells. You are very special boy.

I giggled. It sounded so stupid but it was so sweet at the same time. That’s so Danny.
Then he slowly began to lick my testicles again with delight and me… I just need to say that I felt I have died and gone to heaven because this pleasure couldn’t be found anywhere on this earth. Sure.
Danny then moved his wet, pink tongue through my cock to the tip and then he just played with the head of my penis, using it. He opened my legs with his hands. He fondled my balls once again before coming a little bit deeper looking for my hole with his middle finger.

He entered me and I couldn’t help myself but moaning when I felt the pressure of his fingers inside my butt. Then he stopped sucking my penis. He stood up and entered me.
- Oh yes- I said. Danny!
My man was fucking me with the same passion he has always kept for me. He shook all my body until he came inside me. When he did it he kissed me and we smiled.
- I am going to take my reward- he whispered to me.

He then continued with his blow job. He quickly gained confidence and he began to take more of my penis inside of his mouth. It didn’t take too long until he was deep throating me and that was too much for me, especially because I was prepared to orgasm just before when he was playing with my toy.
- I am about to cum Danny- I cried warning him but he continued deep throating me right until the last second when I felt a tension on my testicles.

He took my tool out of his mouth at the right time and I ended up squirting cum all over his face and my stomach. Then we take a shower together. After making love with Danny, there’s nothing better than feeling him soaping my body and touching me with affection.
We knew we have to say goodbye, once again until next time when the magic would come back.

- Do you like it?- He asked me before we leave
- Do you really have to ask me? Aww Danny! You are the best lover.
- I guess not.
He smiled and then giggled. That cute little giggle stacked in my mind during my driving home. I felt I was flying. I was definitely on my best mood. I just wished this never end.

When I got home it was 1 in the morning. I opened the door and went to the room. I didn’t turn on the light, I just wanted to sleep. But I didn’t know that the Irony Gods were about to give me a hard lesson: Molly was awake, sitting in our bed, waiting for me.
- You are late- she made me notice.
- I’m sorry sweetie- I said and I adopted one of my tender faces.
- I tried to… – I began to say but she interrupted me
- Did you have fun?- She asked.
- Yes, I have fun with my friends…
I noticed something wasn’t right just by hearing her tone. However, I couldn’t finish my sentence not because of that. I felt weak when I looked at Molly’s cold expression on her eyes. There wasn’t love on them for our manboy this time. I started mumbling while giving my explanation with fear.

- I was in a party… I have called you this afternoon!… I knew I should call you… but
- And how was Danny?
- Danny? No, Danny wasn’t there.
But I was being the worst liar on earth. I was so pathetic.
- Eric, can you please stop lying to me? I know it all.
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