Yeah I ended the last chapter weird because I didnt really know what else to put in it. Split is an odd character. (The name of the detective with the SPLIT personalities.) DONT QUESTION ME!!!

Now where was I?

You were about to continue the story?


So here I am after arguing with my-selves. Folder in my hand and looking over the contents. The guy in the picture looks like a cheesy mob character. I notice a note in the folder. It says that the job is worth five grand.

I immediately jump up, grab my fedora and trench coat, run out the door into the rainy night.

Wow! a little enthusiastic are we?

When I said that the night is rainy, I meant it. The kind of rain that only crazy detectives like me end up going out at night in.

I stop under an over pass to examine the whereabouts of the……whatever you call the guy i am looking for. I make a note of what I need to know and take off again.

The night is quiet and I have this over whelming feeling that I am being followed but I just give in to the idea that one of my others is paranoid.

My first stop is a street corner??? WTF?? Well its a start and I am not that far from the place. Its a place where a lot of dumb drug dealers go to make exchanges. I say dumb because no self respecting drug dealer goes to a corner to make an exchange. I don’t even like that crap and I know that you don’t do that. Dummies.

FYI. I have decided to dumb down the language for those of you who are reading this and don’t like profanity.

When I get to the corner i get the shifty eyes. Maybe its because of my costume. Maybe they think I’m a cop. it doesn’t matter because the moment I show them the picture they take off. I think about running after them but I decide against it. They probably don’t know anything useful. Then again maybe their running is because they know more than I realize. Too late. Time to move on.

After a few dead ends, I make my way to a local bar where I have several sources.

“You don’t step through those doors unless you’re looking for trouble.”

Her voice is rough but very welcoming. Her swagger says ‘go ahead and try to mess with me’. She’s a tough broad and if you look past her scars, easy on the eyes. She has a fresh scar across her cheek bone.

Liked it
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