When I first started college, I was so excited to accomplish a lot of new goals, meet tons of new people, and meet that one special person. However, I didn’t realize that halfway through my year, I started to slow down. I didn’t meet most of the goals I set out to do. I just kind of let life pass me by. Hopefully you can learn from my experiences and complete most of your adventures in college.

3. Getting back into shape

I made a pledge to myself to work out every day during school. I failed miserably. It was difficult for me to add exercise into my life because I was so involved in organizations and became lazy. I was so motivated in the beginning but started to slack off over time. For me, I’ve always said about how fast I used to be back in high school, yet I was far too lazy to get back into shape. One day, during a volunteer event, I saw my friend running a half marathon and I was blown away. It reminded me of how much I used to love running all the time. I made a pledge to start running again with a goal of running a half marathon while I’m at college. My advice is to remain committed to exercising. Look for a motivation to start exercising and never stop whether it be a person who pushes you or you just want to achieve that body you’ve been dreaming of. Keep going and never give up. Accomplish the goals you set to reach when you were exercising and surpass it. 

4. Not learning to cook

Before I came to college, I was expecting to learn how to cook. Unfortunately, there was a dorm meal plan that I had already prebought. There was no reason to learn to cook if I could already go to the dining commons and eat convenient food. However, when I moved into an apartment, I was already too dependent on dorm food that I had trouble adjusting to cooking food at home. My advice is to start learning how to cook easily made food at home. Try to practice at home and solidify your knowledge. People will love you if you learn to cook from scratch. Over time, I hope to memorize more recipes and practice my cooking skill. My goal is to go home one day and be able to make a home cooked meal for my whole family to eat. My motivation is to convince my parents that I can take care of myself by eating healthy.  

Go to college looking at it like a challenge. Your challenge is to not have any regrets. Have goals of what you want to accomplish! Look forward to what you want to do in life. I look forward to hearing what you want to accomplish!

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