Colton continues his quest for revenge, has Slick outrun him?



Chapter 5

 As Colton walked through the town, it was strangely quiet. No one was around. He quickly went to the sheriff’s office. Colton looked around, it seemed as if the Sheriff’s office had been abandoned…. But then he heard something and looked towards the cells.

The sheriff was locked in a cell! Colton asked him why he was in there. The sheriff said “Someone killed the preacher. He was the only man in this town that could keep the peace between the riders and the townsfolk. The townsfolk fear for their lives now”. Colton asked who had killed the preacher. The sheriff said “I don’t know, it was that damn josh or ron or whatever his name is, that worked yonder at your farm”.

“Slick” , Colton said under his breath, as he looked for the key to the cell. “The key is on the desk over there” said the sheriff. Colton grabbed the key and unlocked the cell.

As they both walked out of the small office they heard “Crikkle” crankle” then BOOM! BANG! PREW! The townsfolk where shooting at Colton and the Sheriff. The townsfolk have gone mad! said Colton. The Sheriff was impaled in the head with a bullet. Like a board, He fell straight to the ground, dead. Colton was hit in the arm with a bullet. Then he remembered he had one stick of dynamite left in his patch. He lit that stick quicker that he could have shot a gun, and threw it up in the air toward the townsfolk. BOOM! All of them on the ground in a instant, all dead.

“Now, Slick must be really far west” thought Colton. Colton was all alone now with the town dead, no family, no anything. Poor sheriff.  Poor Mama. “SSLLIICCKK”

Liked it
  • momofplenty on May 12, 2012


  • Rahmat Syam on May 13, 2012

    NICE!!! :D

  • Safa on May 28, 2012

    I like the plot…I like where this story is going…Good work, Scottz.

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