A con artist takes over a lady’s life.

“Welcome to your first day in Rehab”, I said as I gradually looked around at my new set of patients. Surprise, surprise no one seemed pleased to be here. I had everyone go around and introduce him or herself and talk about what was the final moment that landed them here. I was half listening as I was also reading the patients files. I heard a pleasant female voice start talking which quickly turned into crying. I looked up and saw Avery Whitney for the first time. She was a stunning lady. She had dark brown hair, blue eyes and a wealthy air to her. She did not match the “normal rehab” clients that I usually have.

I began to ask Avery what was upsetting her so much. She began to tell me how she missed her children, and blah blah blah. I listened to the things I cared about such as if she had a husband, how vulnerable was she, etc.

As we kept talking I realized that this is the woman I have been waiting for. She was incredibly upset and in a weak position. Weak, defenseless, rich, attractive women are my favorite victims. The problem is they are hard to come by. Since I have taken this job I have conned a few women into giving me money, sex, and more but not what I could get from Avery. She was a trusting person with money, nice house, two kids (which I can get rid off), not close with her ex husband.She was a sparkling gem waiting to get picked.

Since she was only going to be in rehab for one week I had to work fast. I devoted all my time to Avery. I listened to her day and night. I did one on one counseling with her. I found out all the details I needed to make sure I could become apart of her life and slowly take her life. I told her the things she wanted to hear and the things I wanted her to hear.

She came from a very wealthy family and had a rotten relationship with her mother. Her mom had passed away from lung cancer when her daughter Madison was two. The next day she found out she was pregnant with her son Parker. She was very similar to her father in some ways. They were both very free spirited and generous. Both of them were known to be the “joker”, the funny one is a crowd as well as alcoholics.

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