A guy is trying to perfect the art of lucid dreaming, and because of this has isolated himself from most other aspects of life. What he truly wants to do is to break through his own dream realm and theoretically jump into someone else’s dream.


The Four Realms

Greg’s eyes snapped wide open, his upper body bolting upright from the futon that he slept on. The musky basement room was pitch black and eerily quiet, with only the sharp gasps of his breath to hold off the blanket of silence. Greg reached out with his right hand and felt in the familiar place, immediately brushing against what felt like a small rectangular box. He feverishly plucked a cigarette from the pack and jammed it into his mouth, and with his left hand he struck the wheel of his silver Zippo. The flame leapt up and was instantly sucked into the end of the cigarette and just as quickly disappeared, leaving only a tiny reddish orange glow as a means to cut through the darkness.

Greg coughed hard, his entire body shaking violently with each deep outburst. The coarse wheezing echoed off the cracked walls, where torn, faded posters of death metal bands and naked women hung carelessly. He could feel the nine years of tar build up caked to the insides of his once pink lungs, but paid the feeling no mind.

Sighing, he took a deep drag from the cigarette and let the smoke billow slowly through his nostrils. I was so FUCKING close! He thought to himself, angry with what he had experienced moments ago. The fire-red of his nappy dreadlocked hair could faintly be made out, the ember of his half smoked cigarette further enhancing the color.

What the FUCK happened in there?! That was sure as Hell NOT supposed to happen like that. And I followed the procedure EXACTLY, Jesus… Irritably, Greg thought back to some of the other lucid dreams that he had had in recent nights.

Three nights ago he had run faster than light could travel over all the oceans and around the world millions of times per second. This had caused the Earth to split down the middle, each hemisphere spiraling in opposite directions; one directly into the Sun, the other traveling towards the outer reaches of the universe. A week prior he participated in an orgy with ten Victoria Secret models and Hillary Duff in the Oval Office, while Bill Clinton videotaped the entire affair. The night before that he had slipped through an infinitesimal crack in the earth and plummeted to the center of the planet, where he made a house out of ice and in it played chess with the devil.

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