A guy is trying to perfect the art of lucid dreaming, and because of this has isolated himself from most other aspects of life. What he truly wants to do is to break through his own dream realm and theoretically jump into someone else’s dream.

All around Greg there floated countless beach-ball sized orbs that moved in intricate patterns around one another. Within each orb there existed a silver mist that flowed lazily throughout, which seemed to change in shade depending upon the orb. There must have been billions of these orbs floating all around as far as the eye could see. “I MADE IT!” Greg yelled to nobody in particular, overwhelmed by the joy that washed over him. He had done it. After all the research, the long periods of isolation, the hard work that he put in, losing friends, family… He had finally done it!

SO WHAT NOW? Greg thought to himself. Looking around, Greg abruptly realized what he should have realized upon gaining consciousness. He now grasped the fact that he wasn’t standing on anything at all. This awareness brought an odd sensation that washed over Greg. Before this realization that he was suspended in mid-air with no support, his mind had believed that he had been standing on something solid. Now it felt as though he had fallen into an enormous jar of refrigerated honey. The sudden change of temperature gave Greg goose bumps, and he started to feel claustrophobic since he was no longer in open air. Even so, this new element did not hinder his sight as he could still see the endless amounts of orbs continue to dance about crystal clear.

He held his breath, hoping that the clammy substance would go away and not suffocate him. Although Greg’s lungs felt stronger than ever before, after a minute or two they started to burn. Still he continued to hold his breath, until dizziness swept over him and he was on the verge of passing out. FUCK IT, I MADE IT THIS FAR. Greg reasoned, and took a deep breath of the mysterious element. As soon as the strange matter passed the threshold of his mouth, it converted itself to oxygen, filling Greg’s lungs with the purest intake of air he had ever experienced.

Although the invisible matter didn’t affect Greg’s respiratory system, he still needed to get used to the fact that it was primary element of this universe, whatever it was. Greg extended his arms up over his head, which took some effort as his arms slowly moved through the unfamiliar matter. As soon as they reached above his head, he quickly reversed directions and made a flapping motion with his arms, trying to bring his arms to his sides. His body began to move slowly through the cold ooblek, picking up speed as he continued to flap his arms. The faster his body propelled through the matter, the easier it was for Greg to move his arms up and down, now adding a kicking move to his system. Before he knew it he was traveling at very fast speeds, never once coming close to hitting any of the orbs. He tried changing directions and found that it was not very difficult as long as he led the turn with his head.

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