A guy is trying to perfect the art of lucid dreaming, and because of this has isolated himself from most other aspects of life. What he truly wants to do is to break through his own dream realm and theoretically jump into someone else’s dream.

Arms to his sides, he tried the swimming method of kicking only his feet, which set a nice pace and allowed Greg to lead solely with his head. SO NOW WHAT? I SHOULD PROBABLY FIND OUT WHATS UP WITH THESE ORB THINGS. Eagerly, Greg “swam’ towards the nearest orb he could find. With all of his focus on this new task, he noticed that the particular sphere he was heading towards suddenly stopped dancing with the other orbs and froze where it was. The silver mist-like substance within the globe-like object flashed once, twice, three times, and faded away. As it faded away, the surface of the orb simultaneously began to shimmer, producing small ripples all about it. The ripples gave off a tinge of gold and created a warmth unparalleled to any feeling of warmth that Greg had ever physically felt. The feeling reminded Greg of what it felt like to be mentally sound and happy, only instead of an emotional feeling it came off as physical warmth. Very strange, though strange could be expected in a place like this.

The closer Greg came to the orb the slower he traveled, until his face was two feet from the shimmering surface. His body pointed like an arrow straight at the orb, no longer in forward motion. Unblinking he stared at the orb, hoping that something might happen. On the surface of the orb that was most visible to Greg, the shimmering ripples at once became a shimmering spiral. Mesmerized, Greg continued to stare at the spiral, not noticing that his body rested only one foot away from the surface of the orb now. In the middle of the spiral an image slowly formed. The image turned out to be that of a young boy, where every detail of his face could very easily be made out. His brown hair and freckles retained the gold tinge quality that the orb possessed, and his crooked teeth shone like pearls. Only six inches now separated Greg’s face and the surface of the orb. He tried turning his head but found that was locked into a staring contest with the large eye-shaped device. With all the might he could muster, Greg managed to break free from the trance the orb had put him in.

Curious, he began to concentrate on a girl he liked to check out on the rare nights that he would go to the local bar. She never noticed Greg, but Greg always watched how she talked with other guys as well as her girlfriends. She liked to wear such short skirts that her panties would occasionally be unveiled, to his delight. Those nights he would lucid dream her into his dream world, where she would fulfill his every last desire. AFTER ALL THE DREAMS I’VE HAD OF HER, MAYBE IT’S TIME TO GIVE HER A LIL TASTE OF THE MAN GREG GREGORY… He had momentum again, swimming through the invisible matter with ease. Far in the distance he saw an orb that stood apart from the others, beckoning Greg as it methodically danced towards him. He immediately knew that this was the dream that he wanted and directed his body straight towards it.

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