A guy is trying to perfect the art of lucid dreaming, and because of this has isolated himself from most other aspects of life. What he truly wants to do is to break through his own dream realm and theoretically jump into someone else’s dream.

Greg began to think about the girl Mallory and what he wanted to do to her. Greg decided that he would enter Mallory’s dream and show her a good time. So good in fact, that the next time he went to the bar she would remember the dream that she had of him and she would get flustered at the thought of what they had done in that dream. She would think of him that whole night, glancing over at him as he made small talk with the bartenders. At the end of the night he would walk up to her and whisper softly in her ear “I dream about you too.” The rest of the night would involve lots of fucking and screaming and pleasure, so wild that she would be in love with him by breakfast.

Snapping out of his daydream, Greg found his face extremely close to the spiral created by the orb. Again a picture emerged, though this time it was a face that he recognized. Mallory had short brown hair that was dyed black with a hint of red throughout it. She wore a wide smile that made he look almost TOO happy, though she had a total of fifteen face piercings and tons of eye makeup to give her a distinct, unhappy quality.

Greg reached his hands out and tried to grab the shimmering orb, but quickly jerked them back. As soon as he had pressed the tips of his fingers against the spherical device, it turned a deep blue and stopped shimmering. The spiral slowly extended out towards Greg, growing larger as it did so. The rest of the dream capsule remained still, as if directing all of its energy towards the spiral that now had a circumference three times that of Greg’s body. Greg quickly became encompassed by the twister protruding from the orb as though it were eating him alive. His thoughts dulled down, his muscles relaxed. For the first time in this tangent universe, Greg lost all of his energy, caring only about falling asleep. The spiral closed around Greg and reversed direction back toward Mallory’s dream world. Greg closed his eyes and immediately gave into the power of sleep.


Greg cried out hoarsely as his other arm was ripped from its socket and flung into a large pile of bones and flesh. The centaur demon looked at Greg with eyes made of souls and laughed hard, which echoed off the barren hills and leafless evergreens. Behind the demon lay Mallory, who continued to cry though she was untouched thus far. Pain shot through every part of Greg’s body and his blood could be seen smeared all over the white grass that he lay on. He could see one of his arms in the satchel that the demon had slung about itself, no doubt a small snack for later. The blood that poured through Greg’s once arm-filled sockets could fill a bath in mere moments as his heart pumped faster and faster, until blood sprayed out like a hose. The demon trotted over to Greg, flexing its muscles that swelled with power. With one of its long fingernails, it pierced through Greg’s shoulder and lifted him off the ground. He saw Mallory stare at him in agony. The skin where the demon had pierced Greg began to turn black, and green veins started to form around the edges of the dying skin. With its other hand the demon drew an X right where Greg’s heart was located, an evil sneer painted on its animal face.

Mallory screamed again and ran straight at the demon with a splintered bone in her hand. Before she reached the demon, her eyes exploded in a mess of blood and yellow pus that dripped down her face. She crumpled into a ball and began vomiting all over herself. She gasped for breath but could not stop the flow of puke that erupted from her mouth until she was choking on the foul substance.

Greg looked over at Mallory, praying that she would wake up. PLEASE MALLORY, PLEASE… As though she could read his thoughts, she looked at him with the gouged holes in her eyes, blinked once, and vanished into thin air. As soon as she disappeared, the nightmare Greg was in froze, and silence washed over him. Greg took one last look at the demon before the universe retracted on itself and disappeared, leaving not a trace that it had ever existed at all.

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