How the world was made in 600 words or less.

It was an off day, for god lower case g,5 days had passed since he had burdened himself with the arduous task of Creation.

Wearily he lowered himself onto the folding metal chair, provided by Angels 5th Class, Wash and Scrub. Scrub had insisted that the Cumulus Nimbus Upholstery on his Easy Glide Recliner, was getting “Rather dingy” and Scrub argued that to be seen, on such, was not fitting for a Deity of his stature and Demeanor.” To tired to argue he had agreed, and Angels 9th Class, Lift and Carry arrived shortly afterwards to bring it to the shop.

Unfortunately Wash and Scrub had little to offer by way of a appropriate replacement, so they called on the services of Angels 6th Class, Scratch and Dent. As the automobile had not yet been invented, there was very little for them to do and they proudly provided a chair from their empty waiting room.

The chair groaned as it accepted his weight, just as Angels 3rd Class, Diet and Exercise were flying by. They stopped, and Diet gave out with a “Tsk Tsk” but as she opened her mouth to speak, god, lower case g lowered his head. His eyes locked on her own. Deciding at this point that discretion was the better part of valor, Diet zoomed straight upwards into the heavens, with Exercise close behind.

As God stretched, he noticed the rip on his right sleeve, and sighed softly. But as luck would have it, (Heaven at this point being so small and all, sounds carried quite a distance. Especially for omnipotent beings..) Angels 15th Class, Sparkle and Glitter hearing the sigh, stopped to see what was going on. After a brief discussion, (which included a little pouting and pleading on the part of the two) god, lower case g decided to let them do the repair. Glitter produced a suitable replacement garment, and they headed for their shop, which Sparkle had named Sew and Go. But which had to constantly be checked as Angels 12th Class, Fun and Mischievous kept changing it to, So what.

As God leaned forward, arms resting lightly on his lap looked down at the spiral shaped lump of darkness (inadvertently created after Angels 13th Class, Crash and Bang, deciding that it was much to hot in the nether region below them, attempted to introduce air conditioning into the super heated anomaly at its center. The resultant mixture created a tremendous explosion, and that as they say was that.) a tiny shower of glitter fell from his sleeve, drifting into the black. The glitter settled into fixed positions, then exploded with a brilliance that pierced the darkness, with twinkling light. The effect was pleasing, and  God sent 400 billion more into the void.

Pleased with the effect, God turned his attention to the tiny bluish green globe. Radius 3,952 miles. Distance one side to the other 7,962 miles, rather bleak, barren. With day 6 about to arrive, it came to him. Carbon based life forms, that’s the ticket, that’s what was missing here.

Since God had neither the time nor the inclination to oversee such an undertaking, he called together a team to oversee development. The teams included but were not limited to: Angels 20th Class, Generosity and Serenity, Angles 21st Class, Courage and Peacefulness, Angels 22nd Class, Humor and Respect, Angels 23rd Class, Honesty and Power, Angels 24th Class, Empathy and Fairness, Angels 25th Class, Fairness and Helpfulness, Angels 26th Class, Independence and Interdependence, Angels 27th Class, Loyalty and Patience, Angles 28th Class, Pride and Prejudice. And just to keep things interesting, (more as an afterthought, truth be told) he added Angels 1st Class, Life and Death, and triplet Angels 2nd Class, Faith,Hope and Charity.

Deciding that was a good start, (he could always intervene if the need arose) as Day 6 arrived, God proclaimed and “So mote it be.”

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