A short story, or rather a tale, it doesn’t give you any kind of moral… or at least not intentionally… if you can come up with a better title let me know!

“I saw that man when he was killed!”

A stout man was facing me. He waved his arms in the air dramatically and twisted his face, emphasizing his words with excitement.

“He was over there by the Phone when a gun was fired. I saw it all! I couldn’t miss it, cause I was up on that balcony.”

He pointed at the apartment building and there was a fire escape that protruded from the side of the building. He continued to talk in his exaggerated manor,

“The killer was a woman, she had a red dress on and had a red scarf, she wore big round sunglasses and had brown hair, after she fired the gun she ran down the street in the direction of that hotel over there.”

The Conri Hotel towered high over all the other buildings. It was a luxurious hotel on the wrong side of town. I made note of it before I turned back to the short, but round man, he was watching as the paramedics lifted the body bag onto a gurney and placed into the ambulance.

“That feller was my neighbor, he lived with his mama in the next apartment over.”

He pointed at his window and then at the window next to it.

“You knew the victim?” I asked, he nodded in response. “Do you know where I could contact his mother.” The short man pointed at an aged woman sobbing. A taller figure held his arms around her. I thanked the man for his cooperation and wrote down his name; Georgie Archilletto. I approached the two, “Are you the victim’s mother?” The woman nodded.

“Yes, that’s me, Beatrice Appleton, and this is my son” she wiped away the tears and tried to calm herself as best she could.

“I am very sorry for your loss,” I began, she nodded. “May I have a moment of your time?” she nodded once more.

Inside her apartment there were several pictures of her children as kids. Several family portraits, but without the father. The walls where a sunny yellow and the carpet was grey. The living room was furnished with ld, but very well kept couches. In the middle there was a coffee table with a wooden frame and glass surface. On one corner of the table someone had written apple town in marker, It must have been one of her kids the penmanship was very poor.

Liked it
  • Socorro Lawas on Dec 31, 2011

    You have the narrative skill. I can’t improve on your manuscript. Good job.

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