This is the story of a young Latina girl named Selena Marie Lopez who is touched by her father but in all the wrong ways and is forced to keep it a secret. Her mother is a workaholic and her step-brother is only two. She has no one to talk to in her house hold, especially since the only person that would understand is her sister, but she has already graduated and moved on across the country. She suffers from depression and needs help before it’s too late.

You said “it’ll be alright” You were always in my life since the day I was born. I thought I could trust you, I mean you just wanted to see something right? The first time you said this, I was 7. Clueless, but I knew something was wrong. 

You then locked the door. My heart started beating faster and faster. I watched as your hand slowly went under my shirt. I gasped, but you made the signal for me to be quiet. As young as I was, I couldn’t really do much but listen to you. Again, you stuck your hand up my shirt. I could feel chills going down my back as your hand slowly went higher and higher. I took a quick glance at you and i saw a wicked smile. You felt all over my chest as you licked your lips. I finally took a breath and asked “what exactly are you looking for?” Just then we heard the garage opening, mother was home. You grabbed me and quickly threw me on the bed. You then whispered in my ear as if we were on a top-secret mission. “Do not tell anybody until I am completely finished, I would like it to be a surprise.” These were the words you spoke into my ear. 

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