Damaged hearts: chpt. two.

– “The actor, I do not know. But I know that no artist can match man Berma he puts on top of everything. Have you heard? “

– “No sir, my parents did not allow me to go to the theater.”
Why else reserved life he finally said what he thought seriously of things, making judgments that he could not put in quotation marks, and not to engage with punctilious politeness in occupations in which he professed same time as they are ridiculous? I also noticed in the way Swann told me about something that Bergotte however he was not specific but rather was in those days common to all admirers of the writer, the friend of my mother, Doctor of Boulbon. Like Swann, they said Bergotte: “It’s a lovely spirit, so special, it has a way of saying things a little looking, but so enjoyable. We do not need to see the signature, it is recognized right away that from him. “But none would have been to say:” It’s a great writer, he has great talent. ” They even said that he had talent. They do not say because they do not know. We are very slow to recognize the special character of a new writer, the model is called “talent” in our museum of general ideas. Precisely because this new face is we do not find it quite resembling what we call talent. We say rather originality, charm, delicacy, strength, and then one day we realize that it is precisely all this talent.

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