Written after listening to the song Dance of Death by Iron Maiden.

Nathan Brooks was a man who would write about the supernatural, but it was something that he didn’t believe in. It was just something that he didn’t see how it could exist in reality. In the scope of a writer’s mind he thought it was possible, but outside of that it was just impossible.

Nathan was a writer by trade. His bread and butter was horror stories, but he could also cook up the occasional fantasy or romance story. He was semi-famous; he wasn’t a big name like King, Peterson, or Tolkien, but he did put food on the table.

People said the greatest thing that Nathan had going for him, besides his writing career, was his beautiful wife, Tabitha. Like him she was an artist, but she was one of images like he was one of words. Tabitha was a painter.

While people thought that they were good for each other, they often wondered how they had gotten together in the first place. After all, they were different.

Nathan loved heavy metal music: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and a number of others; Tabitha loved any and all forms of classical music. Nathan would drink at parties, but not to the point where he would get drunk and have to get a ride home from someone else; Tabitha would only drink a glass of wine with dinner every now and then. Tabitha loved cats; Nathan preferred dogs. One thing that they did have in common was that they both loved to watch horror movies: Friday the 13th; Halloween; Black Christmas; Deadly Dreams; Nightmare on Elm Street; Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Hellraiser. Stuff like that. They loved to watch them all.

The blackest eyes. The devil’s eyes.-

Some thought it was a little weird that horror movies was all that they did have in common besides the art.

Kill her mommy. Kill her.-
Friday the 13th

But it was because of horror movies that they had met in the first place.

Get away from her you bitch!-

It had been the best horror released that year. It was 1998 and the movie was Halloween H20. Out of all the horror films released that year it had made the most money in the town of Lake Ruby. Nathan had decided to go see it alone. None of his friends were able to go with him to see it; they were all way too busy. So he went alone.

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