This is a random erotica is something I came up with while I was hanging out with my master.

 It all started the very first day of school. I normally dress like a sexy goth girl that is a slight tease. Well, as I walked into my last class for the day and I saw him. A hunk of eye candy. This man was leaning on his cherry oak wood desk so I wasn’t able to tell how tall he was at the moment. He wore some black dress pants with a light green dress skirt with the sleeves rolled up. It was strange to see because with him all dressed up; he had his long blond hair pulled back into a pony tail. As I walked to find a desk, he greeted me in this sweet voice that didn’t seem to fit a teacher. I looked at him and saw he had the best looking blue eye that I’ve ever seen.
 From that day on I started to have fantasies about my teacher. I never did it during his class, unless we were supposed to be working and being quite. I finished everything earlier just so I could daydream about him. I noticed one day that he had long nails and that made some of the fantasies even better. Have him slowly dragging his nails down my arms and back. Just thinking about it sent shivers down my spine.
 However, I knew it was wrong to fantasies about my teacher because I have a girlfriend. But believe me, most of the time she was in them as well. Like the time he told us to stay after class because we were texting the whole time. I didn’t think nothing of it and neither did she, until he closed and locked the door to the classroom. She let out a cute eep and I took her hand and kissed it to let her know it was going to be alright.
 Our teacher learned against his desk and talked to us. He threatened to kick one of us out of the class and she begged him not to. O course it took me to say, “We’ll do anything.” That anything turned into us kissing each other in front of him. She didn’t have a problem, but she knew that I was performance shy about certain things. There had been times people have caught us kissing and I stopped and blushed. She giggled of course.
 This time I just stood there not sure what to do. It took her kissing me deeply to snap me out of it. Oh she tasted so good. Just like strawberries. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her deeply back forgetting that he was even there watching just. I pulled back and then ran my fingers through her hair, pulled her head back, and then started to softly nibbling on her neck. I ran my hand up her skirt, but couldn’t go too far for knowing that she was on her period.
 As my hands went up I felt a pair of hands on my body, softly running all over. We both let out a moan. I don’t know where my mind was, but I felt like I was in another world, having a man touch me. It’s been awhile. My teacher started to travel down and play with my nipples. I could barely stand up. My girlfriend pulled away from me and then went to eat me out. I tried to stop her, but she told me that I needed to be please for a change instead of her.
 Anytime we had a threesome, she’s the one that receives all the attention. I give it to her when it’s just us, but I guess my little cutie want to see me cum for a change. I shivered and couldn’t fight the way she looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes and how her lovely red hair falls in her face. My girlfriend went back down under my skirt and started to eat me out and rubbing my clit, white my teacher ran his hands over my body. All I could get out was moans because everything felt good. My knees finally gave in and I fell to them. My girl laughed at me so I pulled her by her tie and looked deeply into her eyes. “Oh you’re going to get it when we get home.”
 Of course she laughed at me, well more of a giggle and told me that if I could stand after everything, then maybe. I was confused until my teacher pulled me up and then bent me over his desk. I fought back a little until my girl kissed me and then started to look deeply into my eyes with a sweet look. Fuck, I couldn’t say no to her. Saying no to her was like saying I wasn’t bisexual, and everyone knows that I am.
 Well held a long gaze until I felt my teacher cover my mouth and then insert himself into me. It must have been a long time since I had sex with a man because I screamed out in the mixture of pain and pleasure from being so tight. I heard him groan behind me as he thrust in and out and started to pick up speed. I clinched my pussy a little and I heard him moan out again. I stopped clinching when my cutie started to rub my cit. Oh it took everything I had to stay up.
 My teacher pulled out and then laid me on my back and entered again. As he fucked me hard and fast, my cutie kissed me deeply to keep me from moaning so loudly. It wasn’t long at all before I started to squirt. She was getting so happy from seeing me be in complete pleasure for a change. She got between my legs after he pulled out and started to drink all my juices. I squirmed feeling a little weird because I play the dominate role when it comes to us.
 She stopped and then my teacher went back to fucking me. I felt his long hard cock slowly enter my tight pussy again. This time he slid a finger in as well. He did this a little bit then pulled out then started to finger my tight ass and pussy. Oh the pain/pleasure was too much for me to handle. I squired once again and that made my cutie giggle. He slid his cock slightly into my ass. And when he did, he came. He let a load go in my ass and I came as well.
 It was all a dream thought. Actually, it was a daydream within a daydream. Just a daydream that I had in my for real chemistry class one day about the girl I want as my girlfriend and my master as my teacher. Nothing but a harmless daydream that made me wish I always lived in my dream world just so I could live everything that involves my master.

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  • misty hall on Aug 9, 2012

    thank you very much for letingme know about this story of yours… got me so turned on I ended up masterbating half way through it!!


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