An excerpt from Death Dealer, the 6th issue in the
Deliverer Series from author Crystal Lea…

Nick Andrews has just been given back her freedom and her soul but the cost of both is a debt that is too high for her to pay. Reaver, the demon lord who has stood by her and guided her as she’s learned to deal with dying and becoming the Deliverer of souls for Heaven and Hell, has traded his safety, and quite possibly his life, in order to keep Nick from becoming the permanent property of Hell.
Now Nick’s problem becomes finding a way to barter the demon lords release from his own torment. But what happens when her only option is to become the very thing she’s been struggling so hard not to become? A cold hard killer. The ties that bind Nick to Reaver cannot be broken so now it’s time for the Deliverer to become a Death Dealer…


“I said send me back, dammit!”

Ezekiel, the angel that I was currently screaming at smiled gently and shook his head, his calm demeanor doing nothing but managing to piss me off all the more. I don’t know how he managed to remain so cool and collected. Lord knows if I had been him I probably would have slapped the piss out of myself by now. As soon as my feet had solidified and hit the floor of my apartment I had started yelling at poor Ezekiel to send me back down into Hell so I could try to help Reaver.

My boss and lover had stepped in and stopped me from going after Raziel, another Demon Lord of the Hell realms. Reaver had made it clear that ending Raziel’s life in an act of vengeance against the bastard for threatening my mother’s life would land me in Hell for eternity. He had vanished me from Hell, releasing me from our bargain we had made months ago and freeing my soul before sending me back to my home so he could face Raziel alone. I was no longer the Deliverer of souls, no longer bound by the agreement we had made when he’d first appeared to me months ago…

The problem was there was no way in any of the Hell realms that I was going to leave Reaver down there to possibly die because of me.

Screw that.

“Ezekiel,” I said fiercely as I faced the handsome, blonde haired angel in front of me. “I will say this one more time. Send. Me. Back.”

The angel shook his head and smiled at me again. “I cannot do that, young one. Reaver released you and sent you home so you would be safe. To send you back would only hurt him.”

“Raziel’s going to hurt him if I don’t get back down there to help him!” I shouted. “Ezekiel if you don’t send me back down there than Reaver’s going to die!”

“He wanted you safe, Nicole,” the angel pointed out with a frown.

“And I want him alive!” I screamed.

“Why?” asked a soft voice.

I looked over and saw that my mother was sitting on the living room couch, studying me with an intent look. She had been so quiet throughout this whole thing that I had completely forgotten she was there.

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