In this short story the main character has been made bankrupt by his credit cards. He can no longer put up with the high interest rates. That makes him get declared dead throughout the United States.


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  Death Declaration Credit Card Dept                                  

Bill could hardly walk the block back home from his mailbox. In his hands were carried five bills from the credit cards in his name. One of them had a balance due that hadn’t been paid in months. Bill used to have a good credit rating. It’s just that the accident at work had made him miss several payments. Unfortunately Bill wasn’t educated enough to know about the fine print at the bottom of the credit card agreement. The piece of it that allows credit card companies to extremely raise payments due when the card user misses some payments. Bill was so financially harmed after that work accident it didn’t really matter how much it made him limp. His mind struggled with being forced to live in some alley so much it didn’t care how much pain his body actually was in. Why should your health have a higher value than your credit rating?

Death Declaration Alcoholism

Bill slowly sat down at the picnic table in his back yard and pulled the Jack Daniels bottle from his ice chest. He pored himself a shot of whiskey and sat the envelopes down on the picnic table. He held them all down with his left hand and took a deep breath. Right after he exhaled Bill drank down that shot of whiskey. Bill was driven to the whisky because the mortgage had become very hard to pay. It didn’t make all that much difference that alcohol made most of the required daily medication less affective. Since Bill was facing bankrupt his mind has stopped being concerned about his own health. How can anyone in this day and age think about living longer when most of the bills can’t be paid?

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