A young boy dies suddenly in gym class.

My mother and Reed met when my mom went into rehab. I never really knew my mother was an alcoholic but she was what you call a functioning alcoholic. She was never wasted in front of us, still took us to all of our activities, kept the house very clean, had friends, etc.

Reed had been my mother’s counselors in rehab. He was living in a tiny disgusting house with his repulsive x-wife and a wretched little daughter. She used to say she always felt safe with him since he had helped her so much when she was in rehab. She had no clue that the feeling of safe would turn into a feeling of fear after my brother passed away. None of us knew he had reasons of his own for “helping” her so much during rehab.

I am not sure if you all know what AA (rehab) is like but basically there are no boundaries and people share everything. They share their inner feelings, fears, financial issues, family issues, EVERYTHING especially with their counselor. Since Reed was my mother’s counselor he knew everything about her. He knew her weaknesses, fears, money situation and more.

Reed began coming over while I was at school. He would sit with my mom and talk for hours and drink coffee. For once she seemed very happy and content. Reed seemed very strange to me but he made her happy so that was all that mattered, until he asked if he could move in. She fully believed do on to others as you would want them to do onto you. Therefore she felt she couldn’t say no when he asked to move in for a little while.

Once he moved in they quickly became a couple. In the beginning he seemed nice enough. When he lost his job he made efforts for getting a new job by going on several interviews. Needless to say we didn’t know job interviews meant going to a park or alley to score or shoot heroin. I never did hear him talk about looking for an apartment to move into, he seemed pretty content in our house.

November 21, 1996 was the day my life shattered. My brother and I spent the night of November 20, 1996 talking, playing on the computer, and laughing till almost 4 in the morning. We hadn’t done that in a long time and it ended up being our last time. During our conversation he mentioned how he didn’t like or trust Reed. I could hear a hint of fear in his voice. He told me that whenever he logged onto the computer the last Internet pages were always of weird drugs and banking stuff. My brother was ahead of the times and had figured out many ways to access the history on our computer. He told me that Reed was trying to become best friends with his friends. He asked me why doesn’t Reed have his own friends and why would he want to be friends with 13 year old? I had no answer. My brother said it was beginning to creep him and his friends out. My brother and I talked about it for a while and came to the decision that together we would tell mom how we felt about Reed tomorrow evening. Tomorrow never came for my brother.

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