For me a tragic accident helped me to realize how precious life really is. It also made me realize that prayers, love, emails; along with family and friends can make a miracle come true.

Determination – A True Story of a Determined Young Man


            The definition of determination is “the ascertaining or fixing of the quantity, quality, position or character of something”. When I heard about Sean Thatcher situation, and his determination I had to spread the news of what pray and miracles are all about.

            I have met Sean a few times in our Scouting Careers; and he was always cheerful and happy; he obeyed the Scout Oath in my eyes to a “T”. 
            “To help other people at all times”

            “To keep himself physically strong at all times”

 And the last part of the Oath is to keep him self physically strong, Mentally awake and morally straight, even during this time in his life he is “determined” to be come physically strong, and many say he is mentally awake, with a smile. Sean Thatcher will forever be morally straight, for two reasons, he did his best as a youth in the Boy Scouts; and secondly because he has been given a second chance in life. The second chance will be a battle that he is aspiring everyday to achieve, because he has been given a second chance in life. That he got through many letters, prayers and support.

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 Sean Thatcher, who is a student at SUNY, in Oneonta; where everyone loved his “happy go lucky personality” and his “smile”.  Just as we all enjoyed his good nature personality, his smile and his “Scout Spirit”.

While on summer break Sean went camping with his family the trees were green and the air was fresh, when a tragic accident occurred. Sean dived into the water as he had done many times at scout camps, pool parties and on family camping trip; but this time it was different. Some how he managed to break three vertebrae in his neck, after diving in the water, there was family members around. Even to this day they really don’t know how or what happened, family members search the waters looking for stones or boulders to help them determine what he may have hit his head on.

            When he broke his three vertebrae in his neck, which are the bones that protect our nerves that run from our brain to the tip of our buttocks, or lower back, so when three broke, there was serve nerve damage, which as left him quite paralysis. For him I know that he is very frustrated, and probably even mad, but he still has his Boy Scout heart and smile. He is in one of the best rehabilitation centers in New Jersey so that he WILL gain significant amount of mobility.

            Sean is an inspiration to us all as he manages to smile everyday, while he struggles to even take one step, or even attempt to feed himself. All these are things we take for granted, but with his family, friends, college friends and most important his Boy Scout family, he is in our prayer to see that his determination never ends and his smile forever shines.

            The family, along with everyone else is doing their best to help Sean recover; he is in my prayers as well as thousand all over Staten Island, New York. I pray that this article goes around the world, and we all take just a moment to pray for him and his family. You may choose to pray once, or ten times daily, but prayer, emails and love is what makes the world go round. It makes miracle come true!

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            Those who believe in miracle and want to learn more about Sean Thatcher’s progress can follow it on face book.

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  • Ramalingam on Aug 11, 2009

    I too pray for Sean Thatcher’s speedy recovery.After all he has sustained such grievous injuries for the cause of others.I also hail the Scout movement which made him motivated and remained committed.Thanks for sharing.

  • ladybaby on Aug 11, 2009

    This is a heartwarming tribute to your friend. He sounds like a wonderful person. I also will pray for him in his struggle to over come this tribulation. He is blessed to have a friend who thinks so highly of him.

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