The sequel to "Up a tree for no reason at all"!
Between the two seasons of Beyblade Masters and Beyblade Metal Fury, the beyblade team is feeling pretty bored. But romance is sure to spring…
Hikaru x Kyoya, Gingka x Madoka couples!

Madoka gave Saggitario back to Kenta, smiling.

“I finished the maintainence on it now, so now you can beyblade with full performance!”

Kenta took his bey into his hands, smiling as well. “Awesome! Thanks, Madoka!” He held the bey to his cheek, then remembered something. ” Which reminds me, Akira, Osamu and Takashi wanted me to..” Kenta rushed off, and Madoka could hear his eager footsteps down the stairs, before the sound of a door opening and closing. She let out a sigh of relief, happy that the maintainence of Saggitario had gone well, and nothing needed to be re-repaired. Saggitario was another bey which had been battling a bit before being put away, then gotten rusty and weak during their non-use. Like Gingka’s, Kenta’s bey had to be cleaned and fixed, then used to battle again. Kenta had also gotten older, with new clothes. Madoka mused over this as she checked her tools for parts that needed repairing. Gingka had a new bandana(given by Ryo maybe?), she got some navy-blue tights, still pink rimmed(the tights went navy probably because something went wrong in the wash with her and Gingka’s clothes), even Kyoya seemed on the verge of changing into some clothes he wandered past at the nearby ragmarket shop. Hikaru stayed in the WBBA working with Gingka’s father, Ryo. Maybe Hikaru could come over sometime again, Madoka thought. Then she yelped, as she saw a crack in her special beyblade liquid container, and a steadily growing pool of beyblade liquid on the table, creeping towards her computer.


Hikaru held her bey in her hand, her other hand paused in making a note on some refill. It had been two days after that battle with Kyoya, and she wondered if that hug meant anything. Her Aquario looked good, in fact better than in the last month she checked. It had a inner shine, that had grown brighter since the battle it clashed with Leone. She smiled, and clasped her bey tight to her chest, finishing off her note, and reaching for an offical-looking form.


He walked into the B-pit, wondering where the happy/fool duo were. As he walked in the B-pit, a recently installed bell rang, and he heard the sound of hurrying footsteps before Madoka appeared at the bottom of the stairs, a wash-cloth in hand. He wondered if she was washing dishes at this time.

“Kyoya! Hi! Do you need anything?” She looked hoppy and restless, and she kept looking back the way she came.

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