Minute stories.

Spadina, as if still dreaming, looked at the Casino, the square, the entrance of the terraces, the start of the avenue down to the port. Perhaps saw everything as in his imagination.

– What of people! Since half a year before was not spoken on the planet for something else. “Will you go?” “Do not go?” Cook Agency announced in all countries a budget trip to witness the caravan world event. The P. L. M. given return tickets at reduced prices, and all Paris was here. The owners of hotels and restaurants, in gratitude, hung my portrait a more visible place their messes, always full. The newspapers published my biography, and talking about my riches were forced to break their pillars, placing a line of zeros to the entire width of the page, and yet they lacked space. I had forgotten to say that I saw the need to establish a bank, only for my treasures. And whenever the Bank of England or the Bank of France were in a hurry, send me little notes for attentive taken out of the impasse.

Nora laughed at the simplicity with which the pianist had his greatness. Still seemed obsessed by his dream.

‘My boat had to anchor outside the port, among other vessels. There were many cruisers, four U.S., one from Japan, one from South America, several of Australia and New Zealand, all travelers arriving from the other hemisphere to see her Spadina. After twenty-one guns salute with Monaco jumped down among the cheers! of foreign seafarers. You understand that a man like me could not get to Casino commonly sitting in a car. Who does not have a car! … In the dock waiting for a simple single-seat stroller, which was to guide myself. But this stroller, gold wheels, was drawn by six women, six beautiful women, all famous, and whose portraits appeared the same in the illustrated papers in large bottles of essences or in matchboxes.

The professor end his joy. He felt the satisfaction with which the pianist insisted on this detail of his entrance. The debasement of the six women looked elegant and flattering his famous misogynist. He spoke coldly vindictive expression, as if to witness the abjectness of their greatest enemy.

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