I didn’t know this was gonna be in parts, but several people asked, so here it is.

  “A karaoke bar really?” “Yeah ,this’ll be alot of fun”. You think to yourself “no way is this really happening,all I really wanted was a quiet drink, an nice dinner ,a hot bath and my bed,instead we have a tiny asian guy singing a Gloria Gaynor song really badly,in a smoke filled bar with high priced mixed drinks you are sure someone could very easily put something in!”.” One drink and we are outta here, got it!” you yell a lttle bit to loudly,then you see his face and feel like you just kicked a puppy.”I just thought we could have a drink or 2 and laugh at a few bad singers , I only wanted to help you relax after your lousy day, sorry I didn’t think this through very well.” ” No,I’m sorry that was really a very nice thought but I’m real tired and a bit cranky ,I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

    He beams up at you like your a lollipop in a salt factory,and yet again you are reminded you know very little about this guy,for all you know he could be a serial killer…..NAH. So you walk up to the bar and ask for a white wine spritzer ,he asks for a beer, turns to you and asks if you want to sing?”NO” you and the voice in your head scream loudly, drawing looks from the other patrons.The rest of your time there is a blur(thank god)you ask where you are having dinner? By now you are feeling a bit woozy from drinking on an empty stomache,and feeling a bit queasy,he’s talking but you really aren’t paying attention”Um… I’m not feeling so good could you just take me home?” “Sure “he says .You grab your purse and stumble out the door(wishing you had a pair of flats in that stupid bag) He opens the passenger door for you,and helps you inside,then he leans over and fastens your seatbelt for you. “Did he just sniff my hair?” you think to yourself”No, I’m just being paranoid”he jumps in the drivers seat and leans into the backseat”I got you a gift today” and hands you a small box wrapped in hello kitty wrapping paper(ok?) “you didn’t have to do that” “oh ,I know just one neighbor helping another, what are friends for after all?” Oh, how thoughtful it’s a car charger for my phone”you shouldn’t have”. “well I would have been worried knowing you didnt have one” “there’s another little thing under it”he says.”whats this ? you ask looking at a glass devil complete with pitchfork.”it’s an air freshener ,it smell like cherries,see” and he proceeds to shove it under your nose.

Liked it
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