Mrs. Waverly would not be pleased with the way that Nissa teaches her class.

Nissa did not mind teaching Mrs. Waverly’s class on Fridays, but she did mind the fact that Mrs. Waverly wanted her to teach a certain way. Nissa and Mrs. Waverly had very different teaching methods. Mrs. Waverly was very serious. She had a large black binder with detailed lesson plans for every day of the year. Each time she taught, she would pick a different lesson. Nissa never had lesson plans. She just did whatever she felt like doing. Since she could not tell this to Mrs. Waverly, she had to write a detailed lesson plan to present to her so that way she would not become suspicious.

Mrs. Waverly’s students loved when Nissa would teach because then they did not have to be serious. Since it was the end of the year, Nissa had them work on their term papers. However, this was not as simple as it seemed.

Mrs. Waverly definitely used Nissa to her advantage. Really, it was Mrs. Waverly who assigned all of the homework assignments, created the exams, and gave the exams. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is the one who developed the theme for the term paper assignment. Unfortunately though, she never told Nissa what she did, making it very hard for Nissa to actually help the students.

She wanted to ask the students questions, but she did not want to make it seem as if she didn’t know anything. So she said, “So, where did Mrs. Waverly leave off?” One of the students said, “She was talking about how we had to write an outline, but none of us remember what to do.” This was typical. Nissa said, “You know, I’m just going to look at one of your papers to see how far you got.” One of the students handed in her paper, and it only had two sentences. Nissa knew that it was going to be a long day, and sadly, this was not even the worst of it.

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