Dina tells her mother how she feels about not being in Group B.

When Dina left the institution that day, her mother decided to ask her how she felt about this whole thing. She said, “Now Dina, today I had a talk with Nissa about putting you in Group B. I told her that you are really the best one in your group, and that there are students in Group B that don’t even belong in there.” Dina said, “What did she say?” Kimbra said, “Well, she gave me this whole thing about how the groups are assigned by age and how the students in Group B are older than you, but really, I know that that is all nonsense. Really, if they were to put you in Group B, the other students would be jealous. They know that you are better than them and they would be very intimidated by that. Personally, I think that it is unfair to hold you back just because you are not the same age as the other students.”

Dina thought about this for a moment, and said, “I would want to be in Group B, but I don’t have a problem with being in Group A. I don’t really think that we do anything differently.” Kimbra said, “Well, if you say that, then Nissa will never put you in the group that you deserve to be in. You deserve to be in Group B and I am not going to be satisfied until she does just that.” Dina knew that her mother cared about this more than she did, and as always, she did not want to disappoint her.

Dina said, “Well mom, did she say that she was going to put me in Group B?” Kimbra said, “She didn’t give me a definite answer. She went on about how there is the end of the year evaluation where they decide which students will be in which groups, but I know that that doesn’t really happen. They probably have all the letters set up, and just mail them year after year.” Dina said, “Well, that isn’t fair.” Kimbra said, “I know, it’s not. Let me tell you something, if she doesn’t put you in Group B, she is going to hear it again from me. I will tell her that we will leave Group A if she doesn’t put you in Group B. She won’t want to hear that because she knows that you are the best. If she thought that Group A was failing before, she has no idea how badly it will fail if you are not in it.” Dina just looked on in horror.

Dina was not as confrontational as her mother. She wanted to be the best that she could, but she did not want to have to start an argument about it. She liked being in Group A, but she also wanted people to see that she could handle Group B. She felt that with practice, she could get into Group B on her own merit. Dina felt that if you have to argue about what you want, then maybe you don’t really deserve it to begin with.

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