A small introduction to the story of my DnD character, Asgar.

The Tale of the Rise of Asgar Elivog – Ice-Hearted Knight of Bane

Chapter 1- Some Hero
“Their necks are too short and thick!” the Hero-Captain Ludnyr said as he hacked through a dwarf’s spine with his axe, HACK! HACK! HACK! kaplump… Asgar chuckled at the captain’s ironic situation, 3 chops with an axe to kill a dwarf, some hero.

The army of Helvarr was invading the Teldan Mountains south of the Ungyr Sea, it was fall and already snowing. The Helvarr Royal army attacked a large force of Iggorn Dwarves in order to receive rights to the mountains, which was filled with precious metals just unearthed by the dwarves. A spy warned about a retaliation force headed to the village of Jurgn, where the executions of 37 dwarves, including the great Beserker- Lord Kurgramill, were being held. So they wanted them quickly done, 2 hours and only 7 dwarves dead. The High-Commander Kaisys ordered the pull-out of the army.

Asgar chuckled, and commented that the captain had more worse aim than a blind troll. Which caused a stir of laughter in the ranks of his regiment. The Hero heard this, and confronted Asgar. “So you think you can do better against me? Let’s duel and see who is really blind.” The Captain looked at Asgar with a smirk on his face, immediately the Knight accepted, and picked up a wooden sword used for dueling. Asgar glared, ready to wipe that stupid smirk off of the regiment leader’s face. The Hero-Captain walked back and picked up his sword, andcharged blindly at his dormant foe, when he was a yard away, Asgar lifted his sword and spun to his right while swinging, so quickly that when the Captain charged by, the wooden sword cut halfway through his neck, and then splintered in a mess of gore. Everyone stood by, awe-struck, as Asgar walked away laughing. “I guess he wasn’t heroic after all!”.The High-Commander, who was overseeing the duel, saw what had transpired, he then whispered to his retainer, “I think I have a plan, call off the march.”

    “Sir Asgar, Sir Asgar!” a messenger cried, “The High-Commander Kaisys Issbjorn requests your presence immediately!” The sun began to set over the mountains, and it was getting dark. Asgar took a deep breath, and proceeded to enter the tent. He saw the commander sitting, in his golden plated armor. “shouldn’t you be getting ready to sleep s–?” Asgar mumbled, there was a kettle over a fire which started to whistle, and it interruped Asgar’s sentence. The retainer stumbled to open it, by then the High-Commander stood up, and grabbed a weapon off of a red mat on his table. The knight fell to his knees, begging forgiveness, pleading for his life. He looked pitiful, a huge Helvarrmen kissing the feet of a pansy half-elf commander, he wanted to destroy the leader, for shaming him in such a way. “STAND UP,” the commander bellowed, “it is time for you to learn your place in this army!”, Asgar wept, he had no life to live for except for the army, yet he felt like he was losing all he did not have. The commander then handed Asgar the weapon. “This is yours now, I hereby promote Asgar Elivog to be my High-Executioner, if you don’t accept I will proceed to kill you.” Of course Asgar accepted, saving his pathetic life for now…

Chapter 2 – 1 Chop Needed

The sun was quivering above the horizon, the orange and red glow shot over the sky, “A sign of things to come.” Asgar said when a soldier pointed out how beautiful it was. The executions needed to be finished, 30 dwarves and so little time, the Executioner put on his gloves and his hood and got to work. Unlike the “hero” he had precision and power, 1 clean slice through the neck. “The idiot was right,” Asgar complained, “their necks are short!” Still, the kill count racked up, within an hour 17 dwarves were dead, and the sun had gone down and only a glimmer of red above the horizon. Kaplump, Kaplump! Asgar started doubling up the dwarves for maximum efficiency. Finally 25 dwarves dead and his arms were getting tired, “sir, here is the big prize!” announced a jailer as he brought up the Beserker-Lord, “the rest of the dwarves have been condemned to slavery, due to our… complications…” He said the last word with a grin.

    Asgar looked up at the sky, then down at the dwarf.. He was quite large for a dwarf, almost 5 feet, and proportionate too, he looked like a big red hairy bear. Yet now, in the stockade, he looked like a little puppy. The executioner lifted up his gift, an ancient glaive, imbued with runes of the old Helvarrmen, he took a deep breath to extend his body, he would need some extra weight to hack through this one. He began his downswing, ready for the kill, waiting for the thud of his blade hitting the flesh of the dwarf, then his ears ringed, and blackness set in around his eyes.

His last sight was the jailer, only his face didn’t have the same grin, it was fear and panic. Asgar could feel his body slumping to the ground, and the warm liquid that poured around his face, his last sight was the red of blood before he passed out on the black dais.

Chapter 3 – Bane’s Son

A musky smell arose when Asgar regained conciousness. It was still dark, he saw glowing plants, and a figure hunched over a table, in the corner. He looked to his left and saw a rock wall with a strange banner that had a black fist on it. The person must’ve heard him rustling when he was moving his head, because he was looking directly at Asgar. The executioner quickly fell off of whatever he was laying on and began crawling away from the shadowy figure. He could hear whatever it was walking towards him, he then felt his shoulder being shoved and his body turned over. A crazy-eyed dark-skinned dwarf sat on his stomach and began speaking “Ha! The great god Bane has truly blessed you today my friend!” Asgar didn’t care much for gods, he knew who they were, and understood that the dwarf was a follower of the Bane, the Evil God of War and Conquest. “Get off me wretch!” Asgar yelled, “You slaughtered our army!” The dwarf fell off of Asgar and whimpered away into a corner. “No! No! Not us! We are Duergar! They are the nasty Mountain dwarves!” hissed the dwarf. “Liar!” Asgar bellowed. The Duergar flinched, “No, look at yourself,” the dwarf held up a mirror “Bane and Jorghun healed you! Look… Look.” Asgar saw his face in the mirror, and then turned his head to the left and saw the disgusting scar on his cheek, it was a slice down his gum line, which revealed his teeth, and the swollen gum in his mouth. “see its healed! Bane loves us!” Asgar felt a stir of anger, he screamed in a dark fury “what happened to my face!!! It isn’t healed, it is still cut!” The dwarf began crying, “You are a son of Bane now! Your face doesn’t bleed, you have no blood to bleed… You are… Like undead…” Asgar’s head began swimming, he felt nauseous and realized he was blacking out again, when he fell his head hit a boulder on the ground, he heard his skull crack and was unconscious shortly afterwards.

The blackness seemed never-ending a glimmer of light shone in the middle of his sight, he was in a dark, cold, world. He found safety in the shimmering rays, and began to walk towards it, yet every time he got closer the light got dimmer, till it was almost pitch black. Asgar sat down, and began to weep in sorrow, he was dead. He knew it, yet something felt alive in him. He heard something behind him and he looked, a figure, and it was still, like Asgar’s heart. “Your soul,” The figure said in a chilling voice “It is your true life.” Asgar had so many questions, yet all but one was answered immediately. He knew who the figure was, it was death… No… It was Bane himself, and he knew where he was, Bane’s Realm of Despair. Yet the one question… “Why me?” Asgar asked, in which Bane replied “Because you are MY soul, my projected dreams and ideas, material, yet immaterial.. Alive, yet dead.” The figure raised it’s hands, and the dark world around him became the village of Jurgn, he saw dwarves, they were gathered around the black dais, but more around someone, Asgar walked closer, seemingly incorporeal. He looked at the stockades and saw his friends being beheaded, a dwarf kicked a head that fell at his feet and screamed “DAMN HUMANS!” Asgar felt a black pit inside him, burning, scratching the pit of his soul.

The blackness returned, and Asgar saw the figure more clearly, it wasn’t physical, but more emotional, he could feel the glories of conquest, and the atrocities of war, just by seeing the god. “Why did you show me this?” Asgar questioned. “There must be vengeance, you should have been the leader of that army Asgar, not the Half-Elf, you were not swift and affirmative, and you are the reason why they died. You should have done something about it in that tent, when you want something… TAKE IT BY YOUR HANDS AND SQUEEZE TILL IT PERISHES!”
His eyes opened to Jorghun, the Duergar. “look into the mirror.” said Jorghun, and when Asgar did, he saw his head, no crack, no blood. He looked at the floor where he fell, there was no blood. Asgar grabbed a dagger that the dwarf had and stabbed his own hand… No blood.

Jorghun smiled, “see what Bane does for those he loves? The cheek is still gone, because that was your last mortal wound.” Asgar stood up, he felt powerful, taller, his beard had turned from a blonde to fiery red, along with his hair. Asgar smiled and looked at the dwarf, “what does Bane ask for this gift of newfound power?” The dwarf grinned and said “Bane has friend called Orcus, Orcus has children like us in city!”

The High-Executioner paused, and then asked, “show me where this city is.”

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